What are the holes on an air hockey table called?

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Are you an air hockey enthusiast? Maybe you’ve just bought your first table and are wondering what the holes on either end of the table are called, or maybe you’re a long-time player looking to brush up on some basics. 

Whatever your level of expertise, this blog post is here to help – we’ll take a deep dive into what those mysterious “holes” at both ends of the air hockey table do and why they have such cool names! 

Read on for everything from beginner tips for playing with purposeful puck control to advanced strategies designed to give you an edge in any game.

How many holes are on an air hockey table?

You may have played a game or two of air hockey in your lifetime, or you may be a complete novice to the sport. Either way, one thing you may have never stopped to consider is just how many holes are on that sleek and shiny playing surface. Believe it or not, an air hockey table has a whopping 500 to 1,500 small holes drilled into it, which allows the air to flow and create the frictionless playing surface that we know and love. 

So the next time you’re channeling your inner air hockey pro, you can impress your friends with this fun fact about the game.

How do you clean holes in an air hockey table?

Cleaning holes in an air hockey table can be a bit tricky, but it’s doable. First, you want to remove any loose debris or dirt from the holes using a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Then, grab a damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface of the table, paying extra attention to the holes. 

For any stubborn grime, you can use a cleaning solution such as rubbing alcohol or vinegar diluted in water. Just make sure to avoid abrasive cleaners or tools, as they may scratch the surface of the table. After you’re done cleaning, let the table air dry before using it again. Et voila! Your air hockey table is now good as new and ready for some intense matches.

How do you fix an air hockey puncture hole?

Air hockey is a fun game that everyone enjoys playing, but when you notice a puncture hole in your table, it can be a real mood-killer. Fortunately, fixing an air hockey puncture hole is a fairly easy process that you can do at home. 

The first step is to clean the area around the hole thoroughly so that the adhesive you will use will stick properly. After that, cut a patch of vinyl that is larger than the hole and place it over the puncture. 

Apply a thin layer of vinyl cement to the edges of the patch and the hole and press down firmly. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before testing it out by using a puck to see if it glides smoothly. With these easy steps, you can have your air hockey table playing like new again in no time.

What are the different holes in air hockey?

Air hockey is an exciting game that requires quick reflexes and sharp skills. One crucial aspect of the game is the different types of holes present on the table. 

The goals in air hockey are usually cylindrical, and they have small holes at the top. The purpose of these holes is to enable air to flow above the puck, reducing friction and allowing it to glide smoothly across the table. 

Additionally, there are also smaller holes around the playing surface that help maintain optimal air pressure. Overall, the different holes in air hockey contribute to the fast-paced, action-packed gameplay that has made the game a favorite among enthusiasts worldwide.

What is the hole in the air hockey stick for?

Have you ever played air hockey and noticed there’s a hole in the handle of the stick? It’s not just a design choice – it serves a purpose. The hole helps players achieve greater speed and control over the puck. 

Allowing air to pass through the hole, reduces air resistance and allows the stick to glide effortlessly across the table. Additionally, the hole also allows players to have a better grip on the stick, as they can use their index finger to anchor the stick while still maintaining control. 

So, next time you’re playing air hockey and wondering why there’s a hole in your stick, remember that it’s there for a reason – to help you dominate the game with ease.

What does the five-hole mean in air hockey?

In the game of air hockey, the five-hole is a term used to describe the small gap that can be found between the mallet and the table surface. This opening is located at the center of the player’s side of the table, directly in front of the goal. 

It’s called the five-hole because if a puck manages to slip through it, it goes straight past the goalie and scores a point for the opposition team. Skilled players will often try to aim for the five-hole during a game, as it can be a difficult area for the goalie to defend. 

So, next time you’re playing air hockey, keep an eye on that five-hole and try to protect your goal!



Owning a personal air hockey table is a great way to bring the excitement and thrill of an arcade right into your home. Through researching the holes on an air hockey table, you can now easily recall that they are known as “pockets”. 

These pockets are essential to the gaming experience, as they set up challenges of defense and offense that make the sport so much fun. Although air hockey might seem like a simple game, it’s quite complex and tricky to master.

So next time you’re playing, remember what those holes on an air hockey table are called – pockets! Experience the endless possibilities of this addicting game by rallying back and forth with your opponents until one of you secures the winning goal.

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