6 Best Outdoor Air Hockey Tables (Play with Friends)

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Air hockey is a fun game, and you will love every moment with it. An outdoor air hockey table will maintain the fun even when out with friends.

When getting the table, check who is using it since beginners have different needs from professionals.

For an outdoor table, it would help if you upgraded to one with a frame and legs since you may not find a table to place them.

Stick on as we check the best outdoor air hockey tables.

Quick Summary: Best Outdoor Air Hockey Tables

Product Best Feature 
Triumph Lumen Interactive Air Hockey TableDual motor blowers
EastPoint Multi-Game Table2- in- 1
ESPN Sports Air Hockey TableMulti-gaming
MD Sports Air Hockey TableScratch- resistant
Fat Cat  Hockey TableFoldable 
Atomic 90″ Air-Powered Hockey TableMulticolor lights

Best Outdoor Air Hockey Table: Our Top 6 Choices 

1. Best Overall: Triumph Lumen Interactive Air Hockey Tables

You will enjoy playtime with this classy air hockey table that elevates your game experience with accessories.

The interactive table has in-tail LED lighting with cascading effects, plus in-game music that makes your playtime more enjoyable. 

The dual motor blowers will leave you enjoying a fast and furious game, especially if you are an experienced player. The ultra-bright strikers give you a nice experience too.

This table makes it easy to keep track of your actions without losing focus when playing with electronic storage. The PVC surface is sturdy and gives you arcade-style play.

2. Best 2-in-1: EastPoint Multi-Game Table

The 2-in-1 game table is sturdy for more years of fun experience with gaming, especially with family tournaments and challenges.

It has built-in leg levelers that give it a firm and balanced standing in the playfield. The automatic Led scoring helps track the sores, and the stadium sound will cheer you up.

The table comes with an additional game where you can play table tennis. In the package, you will find the convertible top, two pushers, steel chrome plates, table tennis paddles, balls, and a net.

3. Best for Multiplayers: ESPN Sports Air Hockey Table

The pro air hockey table offers a good outdoor and home game room kit. Its accessories include four pucks and pushers for a multiplayer game, two cup holders, and a storage spot.

The electronic overhead scorekeeper has LED scoring capability that enables you to keep track of records, plus it has a game timer and arcade sound effects.

Its built-in premium blower fan keeps cool air around the 3/4 inch thick and high gloss magnetic playfield, ensuring the pucks slide easily over the surface.

Its full panel has thick legs that offer sturdy support to the table, protective corner caps, a playfield apron, and a top rail.

4. Best Scratch Resistant: MD Sports Air Hockey Table

You will love this premium air hockey table to impress your guests and offer more hours of fun for beginners and professional players.

It has an electronic overhead scorer that spans over the top plus the timer gives a digital display and arcade sounds.

Its 110V blower motor is cool with a consistent airflow that fastens the puck speed and a scratch-resistant finish that keeps the table looking new.

For maximum stability, the table has arch-style steel legs and oversized 6-inch leg levelers for ultimate balance and durability.

5. Best Foldable: Fat Cat  Hockey Table

You will get three games with this space-saving table. It accommodates air hockey, billiards, and table tennis without sacrificing quality.

The tabletop adopts a trifold technology that makes it easy to switch the games by unlocking the latches and flipping them over. Plus, you can lock it when upright for simple storage.

The 7-inch table fits well in most spaces, and you can take it to outdoor games with your family; all you need is a leveled ground.

It’s made using durable wood resin, plastic, and felt for more service in all your gaming activities. 

6. Best with Multicolor Lights: Atomic 90″ Air-Powered Hockey Table

Enjoy action-packed fun with friends and family during outdoor activities with this classic arcade-style air hockey table with a 120V motor that ensures steady airflow for consistent puck action.

You can enjoy playing in the dark since the table has LED Lumex-X technology that illuminates the table with blue, red, and green multicolor light, plus the high-tempo music adds to the fun. 

Its four large legs build on the table stability and a sturdy playing surface, plus the LED hexagonal puck spins to provide unpredictable rebounds with advanced play.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best air hockey table for outdoor activities, you should get one that works for you and your playmates. A good table should have sturdy legs for stability on any surface.

Additionally, check that the table’s dimensions fit your preference, and the weight should be easy to carry during outdoor activities.

You should get a table with LED lights if you love playing at night. All the best as you purchase the best table.

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