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A bubble hockey table, also known as a dome hockey table or rod hockey table, is a game table that simulates ice hockey in a smaller, enclosed space. It consists of a flat playing surface that represents an ice rink, with miniature hockey players mounted on rods that extend through the table’s sides. These rods allow players to control the movement of the miniature hockey players by turning, pushing, and pulling the rods.

The table is enclosed by a clear plastic “bubble” or “dome” that covers the entire playing surface, preventing the puck from leaving the play area and providing a barrier for more intense gameplay. The bubble also helps maintain the cleanliness of the playing surface by keeping dust and debris out.

Bubble hockey tables usually have a scoring mechanism, either manual or electronic, to track each player’s goals. These tables can be found in arcades, game rooms, and recreational facilities, and they provide an entertaining and competitive game experience for hockey enthusiasts of all ages.

Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey Table:

Manufactured by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE), this bubble hockey table is one of the most popular and top-quality models. It features a durable build, realistic players, and smooth gameplay. The split base design allows for easy transportation and assembly.

Carrom Signature Stick Hockey Table:

Carrom is another well-known brand in the world of bubble hockey tables. The Carrom Signature Stick Hockey Table has a sturdy build, colorful graphics, and custom team options. The table comes with electronic scoring and can accommodate up to four players at once.

Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table:

Shelti is known for producing high-quality arcade-style gaming tables, and their Breakout Bubble Hockey Table is no exception. With solid construction and excellent gameplay, this table provides an engaging experience for players of all ages. The table also features a unique gearbox for smoother and more accurate player control.

Performance Games Inc. IceBoxx Deluxe Dome Hockey Table:

This bubble hockey table by Performance Games Inc. offers heavy-duty construction and smooth gameplay. The IceBoxx Deluxe features a unique puck return system and a clutch-operated gearbox for increased precision and control.

Holland Bar Stool Co. Deluxe Dome Hockey Table: (The WOW for me)

This bubble hockey table by Holland Bar Stool Co. features an electronic scoring system, adjustable leg levelers, and commercial-grade materials. The table’s construction provides a stable and durable playing surface that can withstand years of use.

Why is a bubble hockey table better than a regular air hockey table?

While both bubble hockey tables and air hockey tables provide fun and engaging gameplay, there are some reasons one might consider a bubble hockey table to be better than a regular air hockey table:

Realism: Bubble hockey tables simulate the actual game of ice hockey more closely than air hockey tables. The players on rods allow for more realistic movement, passing, and shooting, while air hockey focuses more on hitting the puck back and forth with limited control over individual player movements.

Strategy: Bubble hockey involves more strategy, as players need to control the individual hockey players and coordinate their movements to pass the puck, create scoring opportunities, and defend their goal. Air hockey, on the other hand, is more focused on quick reflexes and the ability to hit the puck at the right angle to score.

Multiplayer Experience: Bubble hockey tables can often accommodate more than two players, with some models allowing for up to four players at once. This makes for a more engaging social experience and increases the competitive aspect of the game. Air hockey tables, on the other hand, are typically designed for two-player games.

Enclosed Play Area: The clear plastic dome or bubble covering the play area in bubble hockey tables prevents the puck and players from flying out of the table during intense gameplay. This keeps the play area clean and ensures that no pieces are lost. In contrast, air hockey pucks can occasionally fly off the table, interrupting gameplay and potentially causing damage or injury.

Less Noise: Bubble hockey tables tend to produce less noise during play compared to air hockey tables, as there is no air blower system in use. Air hockey tables can be quite loud due to the constant hum of the air blower and the clattering of the puck against the table’s walls.

Ultimately, the choice between a bubble hockey table and an air hockey table depends on personal preference and the type of gaming experience one is looking for. Some people may prefer the fast-paced, reflex-driven gameplay of air hockey, while others may appreciate the more realistic, strategic gameplay of bubble hockey.

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