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There’s something inviting about the idea of having a pool table and an air hockey table right in the comfort of your own home. But what if you’re short on space? The solution lies in a pool table air hockey combo.

These unique pieces of game room equipment offer hours of entertainment, delivering the best of both worlds. In this comprehensive post, we delve into all the aspects you need to consider when it comes to these combo units, from understanding their structure, making an informed purchase decision, to maintenance tips, and everything in between.

Understanding Pool Table Air Hockey Combo: A Comprehensive Guide

A pool table air hockey combo is an ingenious innovation designed to maximize your gaming fun while conserving space. Essentially, it’s a single piece of equipment that features a pool table on one side and an air hockey surface on the other.

The design typically involves a simple flipping or rotation mechanism that allows you to switch between the games effortlessly. This guide aims to furnish you with all the knowledge you need about this combination game table.

How to Choose the Best Pool Table Air Hockey Combo for Your Game Room

Picking the right combo for your game room involves considering factors such as size, build quality, brand reputation, and, of course, your budget. You need to ensure the table fits your available space, the construction is robust to withstand rigorous play, and the brand stands behind its products with solid customer support. Don’t forget to consider the aesthetic factor too; your combo table should match the existing décor of your game room.

Benefits of Having a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo at Home

Owning a combo unit comes with numerous benefits. First, you save on space. Instead of having two separate tables, you have one compact unit. This is particularly advantageous if you have limited room. Secondly, it provides variety.

You have two games to choose from, which can keep the fun going for hours. Additionally, it’s cost-effective; typically, a combo is cheaper than buying the two tables separately.

Installation Process for a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo: Step-by-Step Guide

The installation process can vary based on the specific model you purchase. However, most models come with an assembly guide to assist you. Some combos require more complex assembly while others are easy to set up.

Generally, you will need to assemble the main frame, attach the legs, and then put the reversible gaming top in place. Remember, it’s always a good idea to have someone assist you to avoid damaging your new combo table.

Common Issues with Pool Table Air Hockey Combo Units and Their Solutions

Even with the best units, some common issues might arise. For instance, the air hockey side might stop producing enough airflow, or the pool table surface could become uneven. To resolve these problems, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. You might also need to replace some parts, like air hockey blowers or the pool table felt, over time.

Cost Analysis: Buying Pool Table and Air Hockey Separately vs Combo

When weighing your options, consider the costs involved in both scenarios. While buying separate tables might give you a wider range of options, it’s often more expensive and requires more space. On the other hand, a combo is a cost-effective, space-saving solution that offers just as much fun.

Best Pool Table Air Hockey Combos Available in the Market in 2023

Combo ModelPriceDimensionsWeight
Model A$$$$7′ x 4′250 lbs
Model B$$$6′ x 3.5′200 lbs
Model C$$7′ x 4′210 lbs
Model D$$$6′ x 3.5′190 lbs

Top Brands for Pool Table Air Hockey Combo: Review and Comparison

There are numerous reputable brands in the market known for their quality and durability. Brands like Hathaway, Fat Cat, and Triumph are renowned for their sturdy construction and seamless game-switching mechanics. Reviewing and comparing the features, prices, and customer reviews of each brand will help you select the one that best suits your needs.

Maintenance Tips for Your Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Maintenance is key to prolong the lifespan of your combo. For the air hockey table, regular cleaning of the surface and air holes is necessary to ensure optimal airflow. The pool table side requires occasional brushing to keep the felt clean and smooth. If your table has a rotation mechanism, keep it well lubricated to ensure seamless operation.

Improving Your Gaming Experience with a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

A combination game table isn’t just about saving space; it’s about enhancing your gaming experience. Consider adding accessories like a high-quality set of pool balls, a variety of pool cues, or specialized air hockey pucks. These additions can significantly improve the overall experience and enjoyment of the games.

Children and Pool Table Air Hockey Combo: Safety Measures to Consider

If you have children at home, it’s important to ensure their safety when using the combo table. Teach them how to correctly flip or rotate the table to avoid accidents. Also, always supervise young children while they’re playing to ensure they don’t misuse the equipment or get injured.

Key Features to Look for in a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Look out for features such as a sturdy build, smooth rotation mechanism, even playing surfaces, and strong air blower for the hockey table. Additional features like adjustable legs (for leveling), built-in storage for game accessories, and a high-quality finish can further enhance the value of your purchase.

Comparing Size and Dimensions: Pool Table Air Hockey Combo Models

Size is a vital consideration. Most combo tables are 6 or 7 feet in length, similar to standard pool tables. However, if you’re short on space, there are also smaller, more compact models available. Always measure your available space before purchasing to ensure a good fit.

Portable Pool Table Air Hockey Combos: Are They Worth It?

Portable combo tables can be a great option if you want the flexibility to move your table around or if you have very limited space. They can also be packed up and stored away when not in use. However, keep in mind that portable models may not be as sturdy or offer the same high-quality game play as their non-portable counterparts.

Can a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo Improve Your Social Gatherings?

Absolutely! A combo table can become the center of attention at your social gatherings, offering entertainment for guests of all ages. It promotes friendly competition, provides a great ice-breaker, and encourages social interaction.

Space Saving Tips: Where to Place Your Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Optimizing your space can be as simple as placing your combo in a corner or along a less-trafficked wall. You could also consider a room with multiple uses – perhaps a living area that can be easily rearranged when you want to play, or a basement area that is begging for a fun upgrade.

Debunking Myths about Pool Table Air Hockey Combos

There are several myths regarding combo tables, like they’re only for children or they’re not as good as standalone tables. While they are indeed a great choice for children, adults can enjoy them as well. As for the quality of play, a well-constructed combo table can provide an experience that rivals standalone tables.

Accessorizing Your Pool Table Air Hockey Combo for Enhanced Fun

A wide array of accessories are available, from different types of pool cues and balls to a variety of air hockey pucks and pushers. These can greatly enrich your gaming experience, providing new challenges and ways to play.

Pros and Cons: Buying a Used Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Buying a used combo can save you a significant amount of money. However, there may be hidden issues like a weak blower, worn-out felt, or a damaged rotating mechanism. Always thoroughly inspect a used combo before purchasing.

Transforming Your Basement with a Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

A combo table can be a fantastic addition to your basement, transforming it into a vibrant entertainment zone. Not only does it offer great fun, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to your space, making your basement a favorite hangout spot for both family and friends.


In essence, a pool table air hockey combo is an excellent investment for those looking for a versatile, space-saving, and entertaining addition to their homes. With careful consideration of factors such as size, cost, brand, and additional features, you can find the perfect combo unit to match your specific needs and preferences. Always remember to consider the safety aspects if children are around and follow the necessary maintenance tips to ensure longevity. There’s no denying the fun and enjoyment that these combination tables can bring to your home, transforming your gatherings and family time into memorable occasions.

Unfolding Additional Facets

Eco-friendly Pool Table Air Hockey Combos

As we grow more conscious of our impact on the environment, it’s worth exploring eco-friendly options. Some brands offer combo tables made from sustainable materials or use less energy-consuming air blowers.

Customizing Your Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Some sellers provide customization options. Whether it’s the color, finish, or even the type of games included in the combo, a customized unit can add a personal touch to your game room.

Insurance for Your Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

If you’re investing in a high-end combo, consider getting it insured. This can cover repair or replacement costs in case of unforeseen damages.

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