5 Best Air Hockey Tables Under $1000

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Air hockey is one of the best types of indoor arena games you will ever come across. Understanding this game requires fast thinking and quick hand-eye coordination to beat your opponent.

To experience a quality gaming experience, you will need to have some of the best air hockey tables the market has in store.

When getting a hockey table, you would want to consider whether it is a two-player or four-player, its source of power, type of material, and the price.

Most quality air hockey tables lie above $1000, which is not pocket-friendly for many. But wait, what if I told you that you can still get a similar quality air hockey table that will serve you just like the ones above $1000 with the same, if not better durability.

Keep reading to get the one that best suits you and your family at large.

At a Glance: Best Air Hockey Tables Under $1000

Best for Family GamingEastPoint Sports NHL 80 InchPower
Best for GiftingHaxton Tabletop Air Hockey Game Table
Best for Saving SpaceMainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game
Best for two playersInternational Playthings Electronic Table Top Air Hockey
Best for KidsFranklin Sports Table Games

1. Best for Family Gaming: EastPoint Sports NHL 80 InchPower

Bless your family game room with Eastpoint sports NHL 80 InchPower, and for sure, you will not regret it. Its material is generally plastic with an alloy steel base and frame for solid support.

Its simplicity allows it to be easily set up in your garage, basement, or living room and still maintain its performance, ensuring the entire family is entertained regardless of the place it is set up.

The set comes with one air-powered hockey table, 3-piece table tennis conversion top, 2 table tennis paddles, and balls. The set also has two pushers, two pucks, one net, and two steel chrome plates, all this to make your gaming experience unforgettable.

EastPoint table comes with an extra table tennis set for those who prefer playing table tennis.

2. Best for Gifting: Haxton Tabletop Air Hockey Game Table

Looking for a perfect gift for a hair hockey player under $1000? Look no further. The Tabletop game table has got your back.

The Tabletop air hockey game table is made up of engineered wood and PVC that is strong and durable enough to cater to players of all play styles, including the aggressive ones. Clear rubber pads protect its table surfaces from any damage.

Tabletop has a powerful electric fan that provides steady airflow for a frictionless play surface allowing the puck to glide smoothly for realistic gameplay.

This electric air hockey table comes with two mini pucks, two mini pushers, two scoreboard options, and all that is needed while playing an air hockey game.

What is great about this table is that you can assemble it easily and quickly in less than 10 minutes. If you were looking for the perfect gift idea, you have landed at the right spot.

3. Best for Saving Space: Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

Get to enjoy all the benefits hockey can offer without wasting much of your house space with  Mainstreet classics 35-inch tabletop air hockey gaming table.

This table comes in a compact size that is portable and can be easily stored anywhere without taking much space. Its material is purely plastic hence can be carried around easily as it is light.

The table comes with two pushers, two pucks, and two sliding scorers. It also has a 110v motor adapter that provides airflow to the gaming surface for realistic gameplay.

If you love air hockey games and would like to possess one at the comfort of your home without worrying about space, consider Mainstreet classics tabletop, and you will be good to go.

4. Best for 2 Players: International Playthings Electronic Table-Top Air Hockey

Show your opponent who’s boss in a fast-paced game of air hockey on the international playthings table-top air hockey table. The table is self-designed electronically with two “C” batteries; therefore, you will not have to bear the extra cost of electricity while gaming with your friends and family.

The table comes with a sticker sheet, two bridge pieces, six pucks, and four paddles. It is specifically designed to accommodate two players of age five and above. It is portable and made of plastic hence easy to set up.

Without a doubt, this is the best way to keep your mind and also your kid’s mind active and involved always.

5. Best for Kids: Franklin Sports Table Games

Give your kids the best air hockey can offer using the Franklin Sports Table Games. This will keep their mind always active and sharp while involved in the fast-paced air hockey game.

This gaming table is made of PVC material that ensures strength and durability. The battery-operated blower helps keep the puck moving by providing constant airflow on the table surface, which helps the puck move at high speed, making the game more fun and competitive.

Your search for a durable air hockey gaming table will surely come to an end once you purchase Franklin Sports Table Games. It is quality and will serve you and your kids for years without replacing it.

Wrap up

There are many air hockey tables in the market, but getting the quality one at a fair price might be daunting. This is why we compiled this list of air hockey tables to help you in the hunt for your preferred type and material at a pocket-friendly price.

To ensure your purchase is worth it, buy one that meets most of your search criteria, right from portability to material, to make air hockey gaming the best experience in your house.

With all that in mind, success in your air hockey table hunt.

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