How Fast Does An Air Hockey Puck Travel: 7 Ways to Increase Puck Speed?

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An air hockey puck is a small, flat disk that players use to waggle balls on the hockey table. A puck is rigid and uses hard rubber for balanced motion.

There are different pucks for different hockey tables, and their speed also varies. 

Air hockey pucks move at an average speed of 80 miles per hour. Although the pucks can reach these speeds, the 80mph depends on various factors.

This article will discuss different factors that accelerate or decelerate your air hockey puck.

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How to Calculate Air Hockey Puck Speed

To calculate your air hockey puck speed, you need to record the time your puck takes from one side of your table to the other. Then measure the distance between the two points.

Use the formula: Distance x  time = Average Speed or velocity. 

You can use a stopwatch or a speed gun to take time.

Factors That Affect the Speed of Your Air Hockey Puck

Size of Air Puck to Table Size

The air puck size to table size ratio affects airflow. The airflow is strong on larger tables compared to small tables.  Bigger air pucks have a large surface area for use on large tables and vice versa.

If you use a large air puck on a smaller table, the friction will be more; hence the puck will move slowly since the airflow on the small table cannot lift the puck.

On the other hand, if you use a small air puck on a larger table, the travel distance for the puck will be longer, and the puck will move slower.

The Air Holes on Hockey Table

Air hockey tables have holes to blow air across the table surface to lift the pucks and glide.

The air holes increase your puck’s speed by reducing the friction that would otherwise be there if there were no holes on the hockey table.

Force of the Hit 

The force with which the player strikes the puck directly affects the speed of the puck. When a player strikes, the puck responds to the strength of the hit.

7 Ways to Make Your Air Hockey Puck Go Faster

Various factors affect the speed of your air hockey puck. Besides the weight of the puck and the force with which the player hits, there’s so much more.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the speed of your air hockey puck.

  • Air Flow- The amount of air that flows out of the holes on the hockey table surface determines the speed of your puck. If the air coming out is too little, the puck will move slowly. Always ensure the air blower works perfectly and pumps air at the correct rate.
  • Clogged air holes- The airflow will be affected if your hockey table has obstructed holes. Always ensure the holes are regularly cleaned for free flow.
  • Size and weight of the air puck- Different sizes and weights of air pucks work for different hockey tables. The larger the table, the heavier the air puck should be. You’ll achieve the correct speed if you get the right puck for your table size.
  • Use Silicone Lubricant on the table- Silicone helps to make your hockey table surface slicker. With a smooth table surface, the puck slides faster.
  • Replace worn-out pucks- If your air hockey pucks are worn-out, they’ll not move as fast as they should. Always replace them in time.
  • Use hockey-approved polish- To polish your air hockey table, use the suitable polish to achieve a slick surface for more speed and less friction.
  • Clean the hockey table- A dirty table slows down your hockey puck. You’ll need to keep your table surface clean to reduce friction, so your puck speed is not slowed down. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Air Hockey Pucks Fly Off Tables?

Pucks fly off the table if there’s something wrong with them. Usually, it indicates excess airflow on a very light puck.

Most tables don’t have a way to reduce the amount of airflow on the table, so the puck flies off.

How Do Air Hockey Pucks Float?

The table surface of the air hockey table has tiny holes that let air through the entire playfield from underneath at high pressure.

The air, which flows at high velocity, floats your pluck as it counters its weight.

Final Word

Air hockey is a fast-paced game where you aim to hit the puck as hard and fast as possible to win.

You will likely enjoy the game when your puck is flying around the table at speed. If the rate is low, you are likely to get worried.

We hope this article will help you address issues affecting your puck’s speed so you can stay in the game.

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