5 Best LED Lights Air Hockey Tables (For an Exciting Game)

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Air hockey is one of the entertainment games that is loved by everyone, from kids to adults.

Playing this game as an adult can help you relieve stress after a stressful day, and for kids, it can help them master the game at a young age.

However, you first need to get an air hockey table, not just any table; the best LED lights air hockey tables.

The advantage of playing the air hockey game with a LED light table is that it gives the game a unique experience compared to other tables.

Let’s check them out!

Quick Glance: Best LED Lights Air Hockey Tables

Product Best for
1. MD sports air hockey tableBest steady
2. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-up air hockey tableBest for kids
3. ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game TableBest quality
4. 48’’ NHL Rush Indoor Hockey Game TableBest easy to set up
5. EastPoint Air Hockey TableBest multi-game

Best LED Lights Air Hockey Tables: Our 5 Best Picks

1. Best Steady: MD Sports Air Hockey Table

This amazing air hockey table from MD sports is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure the table remains durable and steady so you can have a good time with family and friends for a long time.

The table features an electric LED system plus sound effects to provide a good atmosphere when playing air hockey. Besides, the colorful graphics provide an appealing playfield that makes the game interesting.

In addition, the MD sports air hockey table comes with a premium blower motor that ensures a consistent flow of air across the tabletop; hence the table is ideal for play in a home basement or game room.

Additionally, the leg levelers, molded corner caps, end leg panels, reinforced aprons, and MDF legs provide more steadiness to the table when playing hockey.

2. Best for Kids: Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Ligh-up Air Hockey Table

This air hockey table is more fun when dark as it features colorful graphics around the playfield, making the game more fun. It also contains LED lights on the corners, which flash when a goal is scored.

The LED electric lights and abacus scoring also help you keep track of the game’s action. Furthermore, the table has adjustable leg levelers to ensure an even playing surface if the table is placed on uneven floors.

This air hockey table has four leg cross braces to maintain stability and support while playing. The table comes with two LED pushers and one LED puck.

3. Best Quality: ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

This air hockey game table makes playing exciting as it has an LED electronic scoring system that amplifies the playfield plus the real arcade sound effects, which contain a game timer making the environment seem like a stadium.

This ESPN sports table features a 120V motor blower design that provides an even flow of air around the playing surface.

The protective caps around the table corners protect the table from scratches while moving the table.

You don’t have to worry about the stability and balance of the table as the table features 6’’ leg levelers, reinforced playfield aprons, and a top rail.

This air hockey game table from ESPN sports contains in-built cup holders on each score’s overhead to put your drink.

4. Best Easy to Set-up: 48’’ NHL Rush Indoor Hockey Game Table

This air hockey table is easy to set up and is ready for play in minutes. The table has an air-powered play surface that provides a smooth surface for air hockey.

Besides, the automatic LED scoring system keeps track of scored points,

This air hockey table has inbuilt leg levelers to ensure the table is stable and balanced on the floor surface.

This 48’’ air hockey table is ideal for play by both kids and adults and comes with two pushers and two pucks.

5. Best Multi-game: EastPoint Air Hockey Table

The EastPoint air hockey table is a multi-game table. I highly recommend this table as it enables you to play two games at one table.

The table is easy to set up as it will be ready for play with your pals in minutes.

Another thing I like about this table is that it’s stable when placed on the surface thanks to its in-built leg levelers.

This air hockey table has an in-rail automatic LED scoring system plus a sound system that gives a pleasant atmosphere to the playfield.

The play surface of this table is magnificent. It is scratch-resistant and smooth air powdered. Lastly, this table is accompanied by two pushers, two pucks, two balls, two paddles, and one net and post.

Wrap Up

The air hockey game gets better with LED light tables. The LED lights provide a pleasant atmosphere on the playfield invoking stiff competition among the players.

I have prepared a review of the best LED lights and air hockey tables to narrow your search.

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