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Are you an air hockey enthusiast? If so, you know the importance of having the right table for your matches. Whether you’re looking for a heavier-duty tournament-style table or a more portable option, finding one that meets all of your needs may be tricky. Fortunately, understanding some tips on how to store and transport air hockey tables can make it easier to pick out the perfect fit and keep it in its best condition!

How much space do you need for an air hockey table?

Whether you're looking for a new way to entertain family and friends or just trying to get a little serious gaming in, an air hockey table is a perfect choice. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment but it also doesn't take up much space. The minimum size you'll need for your table is 7.5ft by 4ft, putting it in the same size range as many kitchen tables.

So while this may not be ideal for cramped apartments, there's no need to stress even if your living quarters are a bit more confined than usual. By investing in an air hockey table, you're sure to have plenty of fun with loved ones without sacrificing precious square footage!

How heavy is an air hockey table?

An air hockey table is surprisingly lightweight when you consider all that it is made of. Tables usually weigh between 50-190 pounds depending on their size, construction, and materials used. Smaller tables typically weigh less than 100 pounds while larger ones can weigh up to 190 pounds or more.

That being said, no matter the size, an air hockey table can be conveniently moved around thanks to its specially designed-legs with caster wheels. Even better, even if assembled and loaded up with all your game pieces, moving these tables around isn't too hard due to their relatively low weight.

How do you transport an air hockey table?

Moving an air hockey table can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. Start by measuring the space you have to work with and the size of the table itself. Remember that you need room for both the table and at least two people around it for gameplay. Once you've determined that, it's time to get started. Before attempting to move your air hockey table, make sure that all parts are disconnected and secured such as screws and cables. 

Carefully remove all items from the playing surface then gently lower or tilt the table onto its side into a dolly or moving trolley if possible. If not, enlist someone else to help carry it while paying close attention to door frames, staircases, furniture, or any other obstacles in your path; proceed with caution! With some patience, preparation, and careful handling, even the most cumbersome of tables can be moved safely.

Can the air hockey table be outside?

Yes, air hockey tables can indeed be used outdoors. Many people love the idea of enjoying a game while they soak up the fresh air and sun outside. Outdoor air hockey tables have been designed specifically to withstand any kind of weather, from extreme hot to cold temperatures and even heavy rain or snow. However, an outdoor air hockey table needs to be cleaned more often than an indoor one due to dirt, dust, and leaves that can accumulate on the surface if not maintained regularly. 

These tables also need to be stored away during wetter months so as not to cause damage or rust out the surface parts like strikers or pushers. All in all, though, outdoor air hockey tables are a great way to bring a high-energy sport into the fresh outside environment and give your friends or family something fun and entertaining to do together!

How do you assemble an air hockey table?

Gathering all the right pieces and successfully putting them together to make an air hockey table can seem daunting at first. However, it is much simpler than it appears. All necessary parts should come with the air hockey table when purchased; if not, replacements should be easily interchangeable. 

First, locate all components. For most quality tables, this will usually include the base frame, support beams and legs, two end panels with goals, a motor blower assembly with a power cord and cable ties, two player pushers, and four pucks. Then assemble the base frame with the legs and support beams according to the accompanying instructions; followed by sliding the motor blower assembly into one of the end frames. 

Connecting the power cord for operation comes next before integrating each of the two side panels onto either end of the assembly. Finish up by placing four pucks on top of a slight coat of silicone spray to ensure smooth movement then you're ready to play! Get set up today and enjoy an exciting game of air hockey!

In Conclusion

All in all, having an air hockey table can be a great asset to any home or organization. With proper storage and transport, you can ensure that your investment stays safe for years to come. Taking the time and effort to protect your air hockey table from the elements and potential damages is essential if you are going to get your money’s worth from it. 

Investing in a cover that fits it properly, storing it indoors away from moisture, and making sure you have transportation equipment when moving it somewhere can go a long way toward extending its lifespan. While air hockey tables may take up some space, they should be thought of as investments that will last, and getting the most out of them requires taking good care of them.

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