5 Best Air Hockey Tables for the Money

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Air hockey is fantastic. You can play it with your family, especially during those calm Sunday afternoons or family game nights. 

But, air hockey doesn’t just happen; you need a table specified for playing this game. There are many tables in the market. However, finding the one that suits us best at the right price proves a challenge to many people.

But no worries, as we have already found the top 5 that we think you’ll fall in love with. We will highlight good tables and explain why they are worth their price.

Ready? Let’s go!

Quick Glance: Best Air Hockey Table for the Money

Best overallFranklin Sports Table 
Best for scorekeepingMainstreet Classics 35-Inch Air Hockey Table
Best for multifunctionalityMatty’s Toy Sto Mini Air Hockey Table
Best qualityHaxton Air Hockey Table
Best materialEastpoint Sports air hockey table

Best Air Hockey Tables for the Money: Top 5 Picks

1. Best Overall: Franklin Sports Table

Franklin Sports table is the best air hockey table you can reward yourself with. The PVC-made 20 by four by 13 inches table is fun to play with as a family. Fancy family entertainment doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you can have fun-filled game nights with this mini air hockey table.

It’s ideal for everyone in the family, from 6-year-olds to adults.

Are you looking for a package that will not fill all the free space in your house? This air hockey table is space-conscious and will not hinder walking around the house. 

It is air-powered and keeps the puck moving. Its fast speed keeps players in the game for hours. Such action could be a good source of distraction. 

Scores often bring up conflict, but the built-in scoring makes it a friendly and fair game for this air hockey table. The table is also highly portable as it weighs only 0.5 pounds. 

2. Best for Scorekeeping: Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Air Hockey Table

Some, if not all, players are driven to games naturally for competition. Therefore, excellent and open scorekeeping is the need in any game, including air hockey. Mainstreet Classic comes with two sliding scorers designed for scorekeeping. 

The dimensions of the table are 35 by 20 by 8.25 inches. The weight is 6.3 kg. Thus, portability shouldn’t be a problem. It is also made of plastic. 

It has a 110V motor that provides steady airflow for the best and most realistic movement of air hockey. The package includes two pucks, two pushers, and two sliding scores. The instruction manual should enable you to set up the table and start playing in no time.

3. Best for Multifunctionality: Matty’s Toy Stop Mini Air Hockey Table

Matty‘s Toy Stop is an air hockey table and a football table. It is pretty fun to have a multifunctional table to help break the monotony of playing one game all over again. This table would be a significant pick for most of us. 

As a cherry on top, it can hold up to four players. The top of the table is plastic, and the walls are wooden. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

The size of this table is 16 by nine by 3 inches. The package includes two pushers, four pucks, and four soccer balls. From its multifunctionality, you might think that the table is quite heavy, but to your surprise, it only weighs only 4.5 pounds!  

Anyone aged six years and above can use it. In other words, owning Matty’s Toy Stop tabletop means fun for the entire family.

It is good to note that this hockey table does not come with batteries. It requires 3AA batteries which are bought separately. 

4. Best Quality: Haxton Air Hockey Table

Nothing says high-quality than the superior material used in this hockey table. The engineering wood makes the tabletop sturdy and long-lasting. The PVC and the wood strengthen the legs preventing them from wobbling in the middle of the game.

Non-marking rubber pads protect the surfaces of the table. The size of this table is 40 by 21 by 8, and the weight is 13 pounds. Assembling the table after purchase is a catwalk – it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the assembly of the whole set. 

The DC-12V motor-powered table includes an adapter, and the electric fan provides powerful and steady airflow for a smooth playing surface. So, there’s no room for friction here. The package has two scoreboards, two mini pushers and pucks, one charger adapter, and two-piece air hockey strikers. 

This air hockey table is what you should consider purchasing for parties and pub crawls. It will also be a good gift for any air hockey lover, whether a bar buddy or family. 

5. Best Material: EastPoint Sports Air Hockey Table

Sometimes, finding the air hockey table you need at the best price can be challenging. But, this hockey table meets our desires and also fits well with the budget. 

Here is why: it works as an air hockey table and a table tennis table. 

The multifunctionality is relatively cost-effective, considering that you will no longer have to worry about buying an extra table tennis table for the table tennis lovers in your home. 

When purchasing it, you will receive two pushers and two pucks for air hockey, a three-piece table tennis conversion top, 2 table tennis paddles, 2 table tennis balls, two steel chrome plates, one net, and a post system. 

The table also has a LED scoring system that adds more fun. The base and frame material is alloy steel, making the table sturdy and durable.

Final Word

The air hockey tables are many, but each has a unique feature that adds to what makes it special. From the above analysis, they are all worth their price, and for some, the benefits are more than the price. Get one and turn those family game nights from mundane to exciting. 

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