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This is a standard sized Air Hockey Table with luxury felt and an elegant design. It has the classic red and blue color with two paddles and one puck included with it. The table measures 58 x 30 x 12 inches (LxWxH) making it easy to place anywhere in your home.

It uses electricity to make the blower run, though this can also be done manually by using only the paddles. The playing surface is made out of layered wood, giving players quite an even glide regardless of where they hit the puck on the board. The strikers are durable nylon-faced mallets that are designed for quick shots. The blower provides excellent transition from end to end after every shot for better scores. One downside may be the size of the table. It is perfect for small rooms, so if you have a large game room it would be better to check out other options.

The box comes with all the accessories needed to get started, including two strikers and pucks for each side, as well as four AA batteries that are required to power the blower. This will save you money on electricity after you buy it. The legs fold underneath for easy storage when necessary instead of having to break down the whole thing into pieces first. The fans are quite strong and can create some noise even at low levels, but this will fade away with time as they continue to run in future use. Setup may take up to an hour depending on your experience level and how comfortable you are with putting together furniture. But it should be simple enough for one person to do on their own, especially if you take your time and read the instructions first.

The design looks very nice overall though it is not too impressive when compared to other high priced models that look far more complex than this one. It could use better stick construction since they feel somewhat flimsy even though they don’t break after occasional collisions with the puck. The paddles look sturdy enough but again could be made of a sturdier material instead of being so thin. Unfortunately there aren’t any spare parts included with the purchase so you may have to search online for replacement pieces if something goes wrong in future use.

How do I choose an air hockey table?

There are several factors to consider when buying an air hockey table. The most important one is if you have enough space or room in the game room for it. If not, then your only option would be for a tabletop version that does not require any installation at all.

The playing area should be larger than 7 foot long and 4 feet wide otherwise the game gets boring after just few minutes because of too many mistakes which can ruin the fun completely.

If you don’t want manual powered tables, make sure to find models with electronic blowers since they are much easier to use compared to having to keep pumping manually for hours on end until someone tires out first. It also needs at least two strikers per side but the more the merrier when it comes to air hockey.

Other features you might want to consider include table brand and model such as Hathaway, Sport Squad, Atomic and Venom among others (check the most popular models here). Some of them may come with extra scoring systems, better blower setups and high end playing surfaces which is worth looking for if you don’t like your original one or they can get damaged over time.

Typically there are two types of strikers: the plastic ones that work best on fast speeds (Venom) while wooden ones are preferred for slower paced games due to their greater accuracy. These will not only vary in style but also color depending on what type of table model you play on, so it is important to be aware of this before purchasing an air hockey table.

Finally, the price tag may vary a lot depending on what features you want it to have and if you stick with a brand or look at other alternatives instead that might need less maintenance over time. Don’t forget about shipping costs as well if you buy online since they can sometimes increase the original price significantly without anyone noticing first.

What is regulation size air hockey table?

Regulation size for an air hockey table is 8 ft x 4 ft or thereabouts (read about The best 8 foot air hockey table). Anything smaller would make the game very hard to play because of too many mistakes even by experienced players due to lack of space. But anything bigger than this will be too big for normal homes and living spaces so don’t go overboard and buy something much larger than needed.

As an example, a 7 ft x 4 ft air hockey table will be perfect for both adults and children to share without having too much space for each player. This size is the most common one you see in arcades and other public spaces that offer this sport as a fun option for everyone who likes playing games. Regulation size makes it easier to score points compared to small tables where players make lots of mistakes due to lack of room to move around freely during the action.

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