6 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Play Air Hockey

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Are you looking for the best tips for teaching kids how to play air hockey? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Air hockey games are a fantastic way to engage the entire family in entertainment and exercise.

Furthermore, since there is no need to establish a game space or worry about the necessary equipment, they are ideal for your free time.

Scroll down this list of the top adult games if you’re seeking air hockey games that will keep your youngsters occupied for hours!

Teaching Kids How to Play Air Hockey

It might be tempting to strike out at the puck whenever it touches your side on the playfield during your first days in air hockey. 

Consider using these tips to enhance your game and avoid coming off as a beginner.

1. Let Them Dominate the Game

Most of the time, children like to do everything by themselves. Allowing them to be is one approach to teaching them to play this game.

To learn more, they must feel like they are in control of the entire process. 

Children learn better when an adult is not always observing them. Advising them on how to tackle the game and coaching them is also terrific. 

Encourage them positively no matter what they do or when they make a mistake. Being both a coach and an enthusiastic viewer is essential in this situation.

2. Remind Them to Retain Ownership of the Puck

Your first reaction may be to hit the puck with forward momentum when it is coming directly at you at top speed. 

Yet this is wrong and results in inaccurate strikes. Instead, show them how to slow the puck down by using its velocity to their advantage. 

When they can target more deliberately, let them shoot. If the puck rebounded, follow the same procedure to control it each time it reaches your end of the playing field.

3. Let Them Have Fun

Kids prefer to have fun naturally; anyone would react negatively if a game did not excite them. Try to include an engaging technique to get people excited about the game, just like in enjoyable lessons. 

Your kid will be encouraged to play air hockey because of this repeatedly. You could participate as well. What easier way to introduce your children to air hockey than to play alongside them? 

Additionally, it’s a pleasant way for the whole family to spend quality time together. You get to spend quality time with them without any interruptions while also adding enjoyment to the air hockey game.

4. Teach Them the “Out Defense” Technique

You should switch into defense mode whenever you don’t have possession of the puck.

Place your hand forward, particularly by the first screw, rather than holding your mallet directly at the front of the goal and waiting for the other player to attack. 

Use the triangle method to block strikes from every angle by pulling your hands back toward the end of the goal to intercept incoming pucks.

With additional flexibility provided by this technique, you can more easily retake control of the puck.

5. Encourage Them to Keep Going

Your children will be inspired to learn to play this game if you demonstrate how fun it is. Set a good example by enjoying air hockey with them. 

You may take them to an arcade and demonstrate how it’s done.

Adult and child air hockey tables are often separate from one another. Therefore, start teaching children how to play on a kids’ air hockey table after explaining how air hockey works. 

Help them create their objectives and impart the knowledge. These modest actions will motivate the kids to start playing straight away. 

Air hockey is among the games where you can use a few strategies. Your youngsters will already be encouraged to play it with little guidance.

6. Get Them to Perfect Their Grab

First-timers tend to hold the knob in the middle of the mallet while playing.

On the other hand, most professional air hockey players will handle the mallet using three fingers lying on the ridge, which means your hand is not firmly clutching the knob. 

Instead, your fingers need to be positioned in the striker’s ridge. You gain a little bit more skill to strike and defend as a result.


Childhood experiences have always included game rooms, and air hockey is unquestionably a favorite.

It’s an action-packed game that will keep friends and family occupied. Air hockey is a common sight in both arcades in the world and game rooms.

As we all know, kids will always manage to have fun. And playing air hockey is among the best approaches for a child to have fun and spend valuable time.

Having the best tips for teaching kids how to play air hockey is also a good idea.

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