The Best 8 Foot Air Hockey Table: Top 5

8 foot air hockey table

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In this blog post, we will be discussing the best 8 foot air hockey tables on the market. These tables are all high-quality and sure to provide hours of entertainment for your friends and family. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Air Hockey Table?

Air hockey tables have been an entertainment staple in bars and game arcades for years, but the at-home version of this classic game is quickly becoming a must-have item for family fun. Air hockey tables are like a regular pool or ping pong tables, just much smaller and more lightweight. Instead of relying on gravity, air hockey uses air to make a cushion between the table’s surface and the paddles. This feature is what makes the puck “float” on top of the table while you can use your paddles to push it around with great speed!

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Air hockey tables come in an array of sizes to fit whatever space you have available in your home, from small arcades that sit atop a tabletop to full-size versions that are perfect for larger basement floors. It’s an exciting way to add some friendly competition into your home, with players young and old having hours of fun hitting the fast-moving puck back and forth around the table.

Top 5 Air Hockey Tables

From top-of-the-line features to adjustable settings, there are plenty of options on the market to find exactly what you need. However, if you’re having trouble deciding which one is right for you, this guide will provide insight into the top five air hockey tables around. Ranging from a classic arcade-style look all the way to a tricked-out modern take on air hockey, these high-quality products can provide hours of high-intensity fun for friends and family. Whether you’re going for maximum portability or the ultimate gaming experience, one of these five options has got your back.

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1) Atomic Game Tables Avenger 8’ Air Hockey Table

This classic 8-foot air hockey table from Atomic Game Tables is the perfect combination of style and performance. It features a bright LED display that lights up during play, as well as an electronic scoring system so you can always keep track of your points. The powerful blower motor ensures fast-paced games every time, while its sleek black design will look impressive in any game room.

2) ESPN Air Hockey Arcade Game

This 8-foot air hockey table from ESPN is a great choice for those looking to get an arcade-style gaming experience at home. It has all the features you’d expect, such as an electronic scoring system and powerful blower motor, but it also comes with several extras such as side panel scorekeeping and sound effects. The classic black design and bright LED lights make this air hockey table stand out in any game room.

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3) Valley-Dynamo Pro Style 8’ Air Hockey Table

This 8-foot air hockey table from Valley-Dynamo is the perfect choice for serious gamers. Its powerful motor delivers consistent and fast action, while its aluminum side rails provide a durable construction that’s sure to last through countless games. The realistic graphics add some flair to your game room, while the electronic scoring system ensures accuracy every time you play.

4) Atomic Game Tables AH800 8’ Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Game Tables AH800 is the perfect air hockey table for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality option. Its powerful motor ensures hours of fast-paced action, while its bright LED lights and vibrant graphics add some pizzazz to your game room. And with its electronic scoring system, you can always be sure that you’re getting accurate results.

5) Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table

The Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table from Gold Standard Games is the perfect choice for those looking to add some serious flair to their game room. This 8-foot table features an LCD electronic scoring system and a powerful motor that ensures fast-paced gameplay every time. Plus, its attractive black design with bright LED lights will make sure you always have something nice to look at while you play.

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Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something more advanced, there is sure to be the perfect 8-foot air hockey table for you.

What Features To Look For When Shopping For An 8-Foot Air Hockey Table

Air hockey has been a popular game since its origins in the 1970s, and a quality 8-foot air hockey table helps take the fun of playing to the next level. When shopping for an 8-foot air hockey table, look for features such as:

  • durable construction
  • a smooth playing surface
  • leg levelers
  • commercial blower
  • multiple levels of power options
  • oversized performance-grade cushions
  • high-powered UL-rated motors that allow for robust play

While it is important to focus on specs when looking for a top-quality air hockey table, other considerations such as design should also be taken into account.

A modern ice rink-inspired design with LED lighting and sleek black or white accents provide added visual appeal to your gaming room. Having professional players in mind when crafting their tables, some makers have crafted immense playing surfaces using CFR Technology for premium puck gliding and consistent speeds across the playing field – which is great if you’re looking to improve your game!

If you are serious about getting the best 8-foot air hockey table then you will want to shop around at reputable retailers who stock this type of product so you get all these great features packed in one awesome piece of equipment (Click here for information about air hockey equipment list).

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The Ending Note:

Air hockey is a classic game that’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for all. When choosing the best 8-foot air hockey table for your games room, you’ll want to look for features such as durable construction, multiple levels of power options, oversized performance-grade cushions, and high-powered UL-rated motors.

You should also take design into account, as some air hockey tables come with modern ice rink-inspired designs and LED lighting that are sure to make a statement in any game room. With the right 8-foot air hockey table, you can create your own arcade experience at home!

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