10 Places Where You Can Play Air Hockey

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Are you wondering about the best places to play air hockey? Well, I got you covered. I have compiled a list of unimaginable places to play air hockey and have a great time with your family and friends.

Air hockey is one of the few fun sports you play almost anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to an air hockey table.

Whether having a birthday party or a get-together with your high school friends, at home, or at work, air hockey is a great way to have fun.

Places Where You Can Play Air Hockey

1. At Work

A Woman Watching Men Playing Air Hockey

Most companies have invested heavily to put fun games in their offices. So, if you have air hockey tables in your office, you are lucky as you can play hockey during the weekends with your workmates. 

Besides, putting fun games like air hockey in your office can help motivate workers. Involving your employees in corporate fun also improves the relationship between employers and employees.

2. At Home

Your home is ideal for playing air hockey with your family, or you can invite friends for a drink or lunch while playing hockey.

You can search for a great air hockey table and set one in an empty room or your home’s basement.

Since you might not always play air hockey, you can look for a multi-game table where you can play other games like football or pool.

3. In a Bar

Another place you can play air hockey is at a bar. Why? Most bars have air hockey tables where customers can play hockey and have fun while drinking their favorite drink.

The good thing is that bars use this strategy to attract and retain customers.

4. In Schools or Colleges

Most schools and colleges have air hockey tables installed in either corner of their dining halls or rooms where students can play hockey tournaments during the breaks or after school.

This way, they can relax their mind before they proceed to their next class.

5. In Community Centres

Community members often own community centers.

The community usually invests a lot of money to get quality sports equipment to keep their youth and other residents busy by engaging in sports like air hockey.

So, if you are passionate about air hockey, you can visit your local community center and see if they have air hockey tables where you can catch up with friends to play air hockey.

6. Shared Apartments

Grayscale Photo of Men Playing Air Hockey

Most apartments usually have social amenities for their tenants, such as swimming pools, party rooms, and air hockey tables. This is an excellent way to attract and retain tenants in your apartment.

If you have air hockey tables in your apartment, that’s great, as you can have great moments with your neighbors.

However, if your apartment does not have one, you can suggest the idea of air hockey tables to the apartment management.

7. Youth Centers

The youth center is another place where you can play air hockey. Youth centers are places where youths gather to practice and perform various sports and art activities like air hockey.

Visit your local youth center and see if they have air hockey tables.

8. Arcades

A Pretty Woman Playing Air Hockey in an Arcade

Arcade is the most obvious place where you are likely to find people playing air hockey games. Arcades often have plenty of fun to play, like air hockey games, cranes, kiddie rides, electronic dartboards, e.t.c.

Arcades offer more fun than you can ever dream of. Why not visit one and have fun playing air hockey games?

9. Clubs

Yes, I know most clubs are known to offer music for fun, where people dance and then go home.

However, most clubs nowadays offer tournament activities, air hockey games, and pools, and they have tables installed for such activities.

10.  Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys are mostly known for bowling. No one would think of finding air hockey tables in bowling alleys.

However, I was surprised when I visited a local bowling alley and found air hockey tables in all the corners.

If you are an air hockey lover like me, visit your local bowling alley and see if you will be lucky to find an air hockey table.

Final Words

Don’t miss playing your favorite air hockey tournament just because you don’t have a place to play.

As you can see, there are so many places, some of which didn’t cross your mind, where you can play air hockey. 

You can install the air hockey table in your home and enjoy playing hockey with family and friends.

Besides, visit your local community center, bowling alley, or even arcade to see if there are air hockey tables. 

Now that you have options, I  hope you enjoy playing the air hockey game.

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