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As it turns out, there are several ways to increase the glide of an air hockey table. The easiest way is with a lubricant designed for this purpose. Manufacturers use various oils and sprays on their tables during production, so you can try using some of what they used on your own table. Remember that some manufacturers mark these areas with stickers so they do not get oil on them by accident. This same technique can be used with doors or other items in need of smoother movement. Another option is to use graphite powder or dry Teflon spray on the playing surface itself. You will want to avoid getting any chemicals near the blower intake, since it could cause the motor itself to malfunction. It is best to try these methods out on a small area first, before applying it across the entire table.

You can also look into replacing the pucks on your air hockey table with ones of better quality. The official air hockey puck is actually made of hard rubber but some tables are produced with lighter materials that do not slide as well on their own. You can even use billiard balls or other smooth, round objects. If you must buy new, consider springing for an upgrade in pucks when buying your next replacement part. Finally, clean your table regularly and make sure there isn’t any dust around the blower intake.

How do you rejuvenate an air hockey table?

The most common way of rejuvenating an air hockey table is by cleaning it and lubricating the surface with a professional-grade, non-silicone lubricant. Avoid using silicone oils and sprays on your table, as these can cause problems with the blower fan in your electric model or damage bearings on a manual table. Graphite powder is another option, but remember that oil is easier to apply evenly across the entire surface while graphite tends to clump together in spots.

Finally use some good quality pucks such as official air hockey pucks or billiard balls for an added increase in glide. If you still don’t see results try consulting the manual for your particular model’s specifications before buying replacement parts.

Although it’s usually best to check with your manufacturer on procedures that involve motorized or moving components, here are some basic tips for keeping your air hockey table in top shape:

-Dust the playfield regularly and keep it free from debris, which can interfere with performance.

-Cleaning the surface of the playing field is important as well, especially if you use it frequently or don’t clean regularly. Use a lint free cloth moistened with water to avoid damaging the surface material. Also wipe down the playing surface before each use to reduce friction and increase velocity.

-For manual models, remember you have a under each player handle so take advantage of this and spin your bearings every few months to keep them clean and smooth.

-For electric tables the sheathing around the motor may also require occasional maintenance as well since it collects dust and other particles as well. You can apply a light petroleum jelly to bearings in an electric model table to help reduce friction and extend their life.

How do you increase the airflow on an air hockey table?

The airflow of an air hockey table is one of the most important things that contribute to its performance. The longer the life of your blower fan, the better it will be for your table’s longevity. Make sure you clean under and around the intake at least once a year since this debris can affect performance as well as speed up wear and tear on your blower fan motor.

Using a non-silicone lubricant on the playing surface after cleaning with a lint free cloth moistened with water can help increase glide as well. Never use any kind of oil or spray near the intake since these items are likely to interfere with normal operation by clogging fan motors or other internal components.

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