How To Fix An Air Hockey Table

how to fix an air hockey table

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You may occasionally find that your air hockey table is not functioning as it should or would usually. These tables need a lot of attention and upkeep. You will benefit from reading this manual as you troubleshoot. This whole article is surely going to help you in letting know how to fix an air hockey table.

How To Fix An Air Hockey Table- A Step-By-Step Guide

how to fix an air hockey table

What happens when your air hockey table is no longer functioning properly? Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to fix your air hockey table without having to call in a professional. In this section, we’ll look at some of the most common repairs you can make on your own and carry on with your air hockey game. 

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1. Find The Problem

When you possess a table for air hockey, you must take care of it. However, the majority of individuals don’t maintain their tables, which leads to several problems. If you’re one of those folks experiencing problems, the first thing you should do is look for the source of the issue and then discover a suitable remedy.  

2. Repair And Puck Replacement

A little-known fact is that pucks may also go stale. They function for a set amount of time before losing their capacity to float. A heavier puck will not move on the surface, while a lighter one will fly too quickly, thus you must select the finest air hockey pucks based on the size of your table.

3. Having Issues With The Outlet

It is advised that you test an alternative outlet before making your final determination that the table is broken or damaged. Sometimes the outlet rather than the table is the problem. Users are advised to test the voltage as well if the outlet is not functioning.

4. Replace The Motor

The air motor is one of the most important components of an air hockey table, as it provides the power to keep the surface clean and free of dirt. If your surface is blocked up, you may have to change or repair the motor. This should be done with extreme caution; you don’t want to do anything that could result in permanent damage to your table.

5. Maintain Proper Voltage

It’s essential that you maintain the correct voltage for your table. Most people plug their tables into a 110-volt outlet, but this can cause serious problems if not managed properly. Voltage test kits are available to help you make sure your table is running at the proper voltage.

6. Change The Blower

The heart and soul of the table is a blower system that blows air through holes to make your puck fly smoothly. It makes a fast-paced game more enjoyable. A play air hockey table needs a constant supply of air to keep going, but if the blower isn’t working correctly, it can be difficult for one player to win. Blowing air through the table surface should be done with extreme caution.

 7. Blower Systems And Cleaners Should Be Cleaned

Cleaning out blower systems and cleaners is a crucial step in air hockey table maintenance if you’re concerned about it. Clogged holes are cleaned using the blower system. Since the fans that are driven by the motor move the air, there is a potential that the fan itself might gather dirt.

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8. The Motor

how to fix an air hockey table

Your table won’t turn on despite several efforts. Some tables have a built-in mechanism that, if the engine becomes too hot, automatically turns it off. The reset button may be used to turn on the motor and clean the fan. It must be replaced if it is defective.

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9. Testing Of Engine Power

Owners of air hockey tables must bring them in for a power test at the engine auto parts shop. These motors occasionally require replacement, just like all other batteries. Replacement of the appropriate parts may also address problems in some areas. After learning all the points you will come to know how to fix an air hockey table.

 10. Replacement Scoreboard

The scoreboards on air hockey tables vary; some are battery-operated, while others are connected to the power source. If the scoreboard is not functioning, you should inspect the wiring or the batteries to determine if anything needs to be replaced.

11. Water Harm

There is a danger that your tabletop will become bent if it comes into contact with water. You may either get a new playing surface or a polyplastic board if the playing surface seems uneven when you touch it.

12. Repair And Warranty

If you have tried everything to get your table to operate but have been unsuccessful, it is time to locate your warranty. You must determine whether the warranty is still in effect. If so, you can get in touch with customer care and discuss your concerns. They’ll come up with a plan to assist you in solving the issue.

13. Cleaning Up The Table

Many individuals attempt to resurface their table, but the majority are unsuccessful. You can run into further issues if you try to remove the laminated sheet from the entire table; however, you can fix the broken pieces. If you want to fix your table, it is advised that you exercise caution and adhere to the instructions.

14. Damaged Belts

If your table has belts, take the motor out from under the table’s cover and make sure the belt is completely secure. Contacting the manufacturer or looking for a belt that suits the machine are the two options for replacing a damaged belt. A specialist can swap it out.

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In this post, we learned how to fix an air hockey table. To cut it short, start by checking out the blower motor for any visible damage or loose electrical connections, and then move on to replacing worn parts like paddles or pucks if necessary.

Finally, make sure all clogged holes are cleared out so that proper airflow can be restored to your table before getting back into another round of intense competition! With these simple steps in mind, you’ll have no problem fixing an air hockey table like a pro!

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