How Many Calories Does Air Hockey Burn?

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Are you enjoying air hockey and wondering how many calories it burns? Gaming is fun and will help you lose about 250 to 300 calories in every hour of gaming.

The number of calories you lose also depends on your player level since you expect an expert to yield a different amount than a beginner.

If you still need to start gaming, you should put air hockey on the list to help you lose calories.

Let’s check the number of calories that air hockey burns, plus other advantages of the game.

Air Hockey and Calories

A Pretty Woman Playing Air Hockey in an Arcade

You will start burning calories when playing competitive or fun air hockey. With vigorous gaming, you can lose up to 300 calories every hour, and easygoing games can take about ten calories per hour.

The best thing about air hockey is you won’t require excessive movement, which consumes more energy when gaming. You will enjoy the game when moving your body naturally.

Don’t get surprised if you aren’t using a significant number of calories when gaming, especially if you are a beginner.

You need to put more effort into your gaming tactics and play like an expert to avoid easygoing games. Other games, like real hockey, consume more calories since there’s maximum movement.

Is Air Hockey a Good Workout?

Yes, and with a couple of consistent gaming, you will notice calorie loss. The game is a metabolic Equivalent task and can’t be compared with sitting on a chair and doing nothing all day.

The number of calories you lose depends on your weight; you need more effort and add side-to-side movement when playing.

Additionally, when purchasing a hockey table, you can get one with other games like ping pong and billiards to keep you engaged.

Advantages of Playing Air Hockey

Even if air hockey doesn’t burn calories in large numbers, other advantages come with this game, and it’s worth trying.

Here are some advantages that will build your urge to start and love playing air hockey.

1. Gaining Quick Reflexes

Air hockey is a fast-paced game; you will need to concentrate when playing, and it will build your quick thinking and sharp reflexes.

When you start playing air hockey, you will notice sharp reflexes in other activities, plus your mind will feel active.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner; at first, you may move slower, and with time you will gradually advance your skills to quick gaming.

Ensure you have a high-quality and smooth air hockey table for easy movement of pucks with convenient airflow. The pucks should also be high quality to ensure they stay on the table.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

When playing the active and fast-paced game, your heart pumps fast and allows your bloodstream to interact with adrenaline for better health.

With this rate, you get the good cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your arteries for excellent blood flow.

3. Weight Loss

With regular gaming, you will keep fit as you notice some weight loss, and alongside other activities, you will be on the right path to weight reduction.

Make air hockey a daily routine; before you know it, you will shed a few kilograms.

Additionally, air hockey is a more fun way of losing some pounds. Combine the breath-taking game with healthy dieting, which includes reducing calorie intake.

4. Encourages Socialization

A Woman Watching Men Playing Air Hockey

Air hockey requires you to have a gaming partner, which is an excellent chance to build your social skills. Here you learn how to act fast and beat your competitor in gaming.

The best part is there are portable air hockey tables, and you can carry them to parties or family gatherings for added fun after socializing and interacting with others.

Here you get to know how to interact with crowds.

Go through the gaming rules for smooth play and fairness and to prevent the game from favoring one side; most games have a manual or electronic scoring system that keeps goal records.

After gaming, you can interact with your playmates, which will help you build more friendships. You will also overcome crowd anxiety with more gaming.

5. Teaches Kids About Becoming Champions

Photo of a Boy in a White Shirt Playing Table Hockey

Playing air hockey will encourage your kids and teach them to accept the outcome, whether they win or lose the game.

You will teach the little ones that to become a champion, they need more practice, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Your kids will build on hand-eye coordination as they balance controlling the puck with their hands and looking at it. 

Purchase an air hockey table for kids to keep them comfortable when gaming, and you can reward the winning team for encouraging them to work harder and improve their gaming techniques.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey helps in burning some calories for healthy living. Ensure you are consistent with gaming, and you will notice the fat loss. You must reduce calorie intake for excellent results.

With the best table and accessories, air hockey becomes fun, and taking it to outdoor activities will build your social skills.

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