Best Wax for Air Hockey Tables (for a Spotless and Smooth Playing Surface)

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Air hockey is a game that offers a tremendous source of entertainment with its simple rules and endless fun.

Those who take the game seriously agree that skill and speed are vital in outwitting your opponent. Showcasing that insight requires an ideal surface.

If you want that table’s surface to remain ideal for a long time, you have to maintain it. And how do you do it? Through waxing.

Waxing smoothens roughened or age-worn tables improves the table’s aesthetics, makes it look new, and protects the table against future damage.

This article explores the best wax for air hockey tables. Although the products are described as shuffleboard wax, they will similarly serve the air hockey table.

Best Wax for Air Hockey Tables

Best overallSGSPORT table wax
Best for medium speedSun-Glo table wax
Best for high speedYDDS table wax
Best for all surfacesZGDQ shuffleboard wax
Best for the moneyZdgao table wax
Best budget pickYDDS high-speed table wax

Best Overall: SGSPORT table wax 

The SGSPORT shuffleboard wax comes in four fourteen-ounce cans, a mini broom, and a dustpan. The dustpan and broom set are customized, making it possible to use in different table sizes.

The wax powder is high-quality made of pure silicone, which doesn’t clump up. This material ensures your pucks glide faster and smoother.

The broom and dustpan are made of durable material – black improved ABS. They are customized to enable easier small corner cleaning.

Depending on your air hockey table or preference, you can choose between high speed or medium speed.

Best for Medium Speed: Sun-Glo table wax

The Sun-Glo table wax cleans your table, leaving it as good as new. The wax is best for smaller tables – 9ft to 12ft. 

You will get two sixteen-ounce cans of Sun-Glo medium-speed table powder. The wax holds the powder in place, prevents tracking, and improves powder duration and uniformity.

All powders by Sun-Glo are tested for accuracy and consistency, so you can be sure all your games will be like the previous ones.

You might need a Sun-Glo shuffleboard sweep to clear away the used powder on the surface of the table. The sweep is made of high-quality material for fast and efficient cleaning of your air hockey table every time.

You can use the Sun-Glo wax with silicone spray to keep your game competitive and consistent. This wax is ideal for players who like a not-so-fast nor a too-fast game.

Best for High Speed: YDDS table wax

This medium-speed table wax is perfect for 9ft-12ft air hockey tables. It ensures that the fun during games never lets up by smoothening the table.

The YDDS is one of the best cleaners for shuffleboard games. It comes with a Shuffleboard Sweep that makes cleaning more convenient and helps you quickly recycle the shuffleboard sand, so the next game is not delayed too much.

It comes with two fourteen-ounce cans, a mini brush, and a mini dustpan inserted into one of the cans. Open the can and take it out.

The brush and dustpan are made durable, so you are worry-free about replacing them. You can also choose the size of the brush you would like depending on the size of your air hockey table.

For players who believe speed is number one in air hockey, use this wax to maintain the smooth feel of your surface and go for the speedy approach.

Best for All Surfaces: ZGDQ shuffleboard wax

If you are looking for a wax that cleans tables quickly and efficiently, the ZGDQ powder is what you need. It is a high-speed powder that pro players who love speed might find attractive.

The set includes two twelve-ounce cans, a mini broom, and a dustpan for quick cleaning. The powder removes all dirt and debris from the air hockey table’s surface and smoothens it, ensuring the pucks slide efficiently for maximum fun and memorable experiences.

This wax is suitable for all types of shuffleboard tables, making sure the table is always ready for the next play.

Is your table’s surface made of wood? Is it plastic? Or is it metal? This wax powder works perfectly in any of those.

Best For The Money: Zdgao table wax

If you want a wax that will work for all table sizes, look no further. The zdgao shuffleboard powder works for 9ft, 12ft, and 14ft tables.

The medium-speed table wax comes with two fourteen-ounce cans for long-time use. It also includes a brush and dustpan to make packing up the extra wax easier, especially on the narrows.

Using this wax is super fast because the powder is pure silicone ball bearings. We think this wax powder is well worth every cent for what it offers and its price.

Best Budget Pick: YDDS high-speed table wax

Air hockey lovers who want an efficient wax for their tables but at a cheaper price might want to take a closer look at this high-speed wax powder.

It includes two fourteen-ounce cans, a broom, and a small dustpan for easier and faster cleaning.

The wax powder works great for all table sizes. It is also tested to ensure it reaches the best speed and accuracy control. The great features and pocket-friendly price make this product a worthy choice.

Final Thoughts

A well-maintained air hockey table guarantees you accuracy and consistency for a more extended period than that which is neglected; the grime, dirt, and debris will damage the table’s surface. 

Cleaning your air hockey table makes every game is as exciting as the last. Also, your opponents won’t have any excuses if you beat them!

The article above outlines the best wax for air hockey tables to buy in order to keep yours looking fresh and performing at its best.

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