Best Bubble Hockey Tables (For Smooth and Lasting Gaming)

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Are you ready to start air hockey gaming with a bubble hockey table for an amazing experience? With this table, also known as the dome hockey table, you will learn every step of the game.

Most of these tables have a dome on the top and adopt the design of a typical hockey table, only that you have control over all players instead of one puck.

The unique retro looks on these tables add to your playroom style and stand out in other arcade game options. To avoid difficulty choosing the best one, stick with us as we review the best options.

Quick Summary: Best Bubble Hockey Tables

Product Best Feature
1. Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey TablePremium 
2. Carrom Red Super Stick Hockey TableShatter resistant dome
3. Carrom Black Super Stick Hockey TableDurable 
4. Stiga 37-Cup Rod Hockey TableAffordable 

Best Bubble Hockey Tables: Our Top 4 picks 

1. Best Premium: Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey Table

You will enjoy every gaming moment with this amazing hockey table from Hathaway. Its E-Z grip handles provide a comfortable grip that ensures stress-free gameplay.

The classic LED electronic scoring system ensures fair and accurate competition by recording every score. It measures 41 by 36 by 52 inches.

The polycarbonate dome top is easy to open, and the shatter-resistant nature keeps the action in the play. The convenient swing top is effortless to clean and maintain.

The hockey table uses premium engineered wood with a high gloss finish and a poly-sealed scratch-resistant surface.

Each player is securely connected using ultra-smooth chrome plate rods and nylon bushings that add durability. 

2. Best for Kids: Carrom Red Super Stick Hockey Table

Carrom guarantees quality family games with its dome hockey table with an easy-to-open dome. Its dimensions are 58 by 33.75 by 47 inches.

The dome is shatter-resistant, plus it’s made using an easy-to-clean material. The players are painted in red and blue for identification when gaming.

Its sturdy cabinet uses red wear-resistant and thermally fused melamine that adds durability.

The scoring unit tracks period notes and celebrates each goal; you can reset it anytime.

Its scoring unit also shuts down automatically after the end of the third period. For a long-lasting cheer session, the table requires 4 AA batteries that aren’t included in the package.

The precision injection molded gears last longer, and their internal slip clutch prevents binding and sheering. 

3. Best Durable: Carrom Black Super Stick Hockey Table

The Carrom black table will leave you looking forward to another gaming session. The table measures 58 by 47 by 45,25 inches and weighs 140 pounds.

The dome has a set of solid-colored players that makes gaming competition interesting, and it has two pucks. You can purchase a set of hand-painted players separately.

The cover top is made using sturdy, high-quality, shatter-resistant plastic that is easy to open and clean. You can remove the legs and place them on a tabletop if they are too short for you.

It’s easy to assemble this table. Each player is connected to a strong chrome gear to add durability to the action moving. 

4. Best Budget: Stiga 37-Cup Rod Hockey Table

The NHL team has put more effort into making this rod cup table for an enjoyable gaming session. It comes with team colors and logos. Its dimensions are 37 by 3 by 19.75 inches with 1.65-inch legs.

The table has expertly crafted 3D players in Maple Leaf and red-wing uniforms to give you a real gaming experience.

It has realistic hand-painted designs and the easy to control handles that are comfortable to hold. The table has protective plexiglass to shield the players from hard slaps.

The manual goal counter keeps players honest with the legs elevating the game more than other game room tables.

Each package has red nets, two right-handed players, three left-handed players, a manual counter, and plexiglass shields.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Bubble Hockey Table

1. Scoring System

A good bubble table should have an effective scoring system that records each goal for a fair gaming session.

The electronic scoring system makes the best option; most have timers and sound effects to keep the game fun.

A manual scoring system also works for the bubble air hockey table since they keep the records.

2. Dimensions

Check the dimension of the table to ensure it fits well with the person using it. Short-legged tables work well for kids.

The length and width should also fit well in your gaming space, leaving enough room for players and spectators.

3. Durability

Ensure that your table is made using sturdy material that can withstand pressure as the players move on it, and if it has legs, ensure they are also sturdy.

Final Thoughts

The above review has some of the best bubble hockey tables to keep you busy and add on the fun with family and friends.

When choosing a bubble hockey table, check all included in the package to ensure they fit your preference.

The table should also stand out and add to your space style. The handling rods should be smooth to ensure effective gaming.

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