Best 7-Foot Air Hockey Tables (With Mind-Blowing Features)

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When buying an air hockey table, size is a factor you’ll want to consider. Regulation size tables are typically eight feet long and four feet wide. They are ideal for serious players or commercial use.

Seven-foot air hockey tables are big enough for children and adults to play on. Wide enough seven-foot tables can even allow for games of doubles.

Most 7-foot tables offer advanced performance features that guarantee maximum levels of enjoyment.

The list below looks at the best 7-foot air hockey tables available in the market and the features that make them popular among air hockey enthusiasts everywhere.

Quick Glance: Best 7-Foot Air Hockey Tables

Best OverallPuck Apollo Seven-Foot Air Hockey Table
Best for Beginners and IntermediariesPuck Atlas Seven-Foot Air Hockey Table
Best Advanced FeaturesAtomic Blazer air hockey table
Best AirflowViper Vancouver air hockey table
Best MultifunctionalityHathaway Sherwood Air Hockey Table

Best 7-Foot Air Hockey Tables – Top 5 Picks

1. Best Overall: Puck Apollo Seven-Foot Air Hockey Table

Air hockey tables don’t come much better than the Puck Apollo. It is elegant with impressive features. It has a sleek, modern design, a black and gray color combination, and silver details all over the layout.

The table comes with an MDF playing court with a glossy yet hard playing surface. Its dimensions? 84’’L x 48’’ W x 32’’ H.

It also features an air blower strong enough to last you a whole game quickly plugged into any 110V-240V outlet.

The wood used to make this air hockey table is lightweight but heavy-duty, creating a perfect balance between stability, sturdiness, and longevity.

If you’re unsure where to put the table, you can move it around. The playing surface is guaranteed sturdiness and stability regardless of the state of the floor it’s standing on, thanks to the leg levelers fitted to the tables.

2. Best for Beginners and Intermediaries: Puck Atlas Seven-Foot Air Hockey Table

Here is the best 7-foot air hockey table that will elevate your game room to higher levels. The Puck Atlas comes with everything you need to get you started, that is, four hockey pucks and four red hockey strikes.

The black and white color combinations give the table an elegant aesthetic. The legs are solid and sturdy, stable enough even for uneven floors.

The table also features removable netted goals with patented puck centering profiles, making it easy to set up shots.

It is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Families that love air hockey should check out the Puck Atlas air hockey table.

The table is also easy to maintain. Once you finish playing, the waterproof nylon cover can prevent dirt and debris from damaging the playing surface. The strikers and pucks can be kept safe by putting them in a bag that comes with the table.

3. Best Advanced Features: Atomic Blazer air hockey table

The Atomic Blazer is another seven-foot air hockey table worth considering. It is built solid and sturdy with advanced performance features to make games more engaging and exciting.

The table has a heavy-duty 120V blower that ensures fast play. The overhang rails reduce puck bounce.

You can keep tabs on the scores with the electronic monitoring feature with a rail-integrated display.

The table is equipped with leg levelers to ensure the playing surface is even despite the condition of the floor.

The Atomic Blazer can accommodate a table tennis conversion top if you want. Place the table in your gaming room, rec room, garage, or living room for everyone’s recreation.

4. Best Airflow: Viper Vancouver air hockey table

Add another dimension to your gaming room with the Viper Vancouver 7-foot air hockey table.

It features a large enough playing field for outsmarting and outmaneuvering your opponents. The playing surface has a glossy finish and hockey rink graphics that give it an authentic look.

The arena look is further enhanced with a triangular scorer and timer, counting down 10, 15, or unlimited minute time options.

The large playing surface is complemented by a powerful 110 V motor that outputs 110 cubic feet per minute airflow. The steady stream of powerful air ensures the pucks are constantly flowing smoothly and quickly.

The table comes with four pushers and four pucks for replacing purposes. The leg levelers provide a level playing surface throughout.

5. Best Multifunctionality: Hathaway Sherwood Air Hockey Table

The Sherwood air hockey table is a handsome multi-functional table crafted from sturdy, and CARB certified MDF material.

It features clean lines covered in a beautiful light Cherry melamine that showcases the rich grain of cherry wood.

The Sherwood easily converts from a dining or craft table to full-blown competitive table tennis or air hockey table with its unique, in-rail, electronic scoring display.

The super-slick play surface and competition-level air blower system deliver accurate air hockey table play. The Sherwood table is designed and built to withstand vigorous table play over a long period.

The table includes matching benches with built-in storage and two soft-padded seat cushions that provide convenient and comfortable seating while keeping your game accessories close to the table and organized.

Final Word

Getting an air hockey table is a big deal that requires thoughtfulness. You don’t want to make a pretty costly purchase only to end up regretting it.

The list above will help you make an informed decision on which table suits you and your friends and family best.

If you understand what you want, you should get something from the tables listed. Now go and create those memories with your loved ones!

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