6 Alternatives to Air Hockey You Should Try

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If you’re searching for alternatives to air hockey, you can consider your search done because we have found 6 of them. All of them are fun and intense, awakening the competitive nature.

We picked alternative games using simple criteria. The game had to entail sticking a puck or a similar object into the goal of the opposing player.

Like most air hockey tables, the game also had to be small and easily portable.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Klask

Klask is one of the best alternatives to air hockey you can find out there. It first took people by surprise with how fun and intense it gets.

Klask has won several significant awards in Europe in the games categories, and it’s easy to see why.

The game uses a round ball and two sets of magnets. From an air hockey perspective, the ball is the puck, while the magnets are the mallets.

Players use the magnet that is underneath the table to control the mallets.

The goal is to direct and hit the ball into a hole on the opponent’s end of the table. The middle of the board consists of three small bumpers to spice things up.

2. Table Hockey

Table hockey is a simulation of ice hockey. It is also known as board hockey, stick hockey, rod hockey game, or bubble hockey. It is an exciting game, largely requiring skills similar to air hockey.

Table hockey needs two players, one on either side between a table representing a hockey rink. The players use cutout figures representing hockey players to hit a little puck into the opponent’s “net.”

The cutout figures are operated using rods beneath the “ice.” Each rod slides backward and forward along its separate narrow slot when pulled or pushed.

The rod also rotates to stickhandle or hit the puck once the opposing player spins the rod.

3. Knock/Nok Hockey

Knock or Nok hockey is a fun alternative to air hockey enjoyed right on a tabletop.

Two players go head to head against each other on a wooden table with a wooden puck that they try to stick to the opponents’ goal.

Players start by tapping their micro hockey sticks together thrice. When the third time of tapping reaches, the fastest player to hit the puck gets early possession.

The players will then take turns hitting the puck to the opposing goal. You can only hit the puck when it is in your defensive or free-center area.

When the puck is in your opponent’s defensive zone, you cannot hit it.

4. PowerBand Hockey

Another terrific alternative to air hockey is PowerBand hockey. It is generally a frame with elastic bands on each side. You can play this game on any surface without the need for electricity.

It operates using pucks and pushers, which have two surface options each. The puck is flipped over to accommodate whichever surface you’re playing on – hard or soft.

PowerBand hockey is an engaging activity that requires speed and skill to beat your opponent. The frame is lightweight and portable, coming apart for quick and easy storage.

5. Table Soccer

Table soccer, also known as foosball, is quite similar to table hockey. It is the table hockey of soccer. The cutout figures representing ice hockey players are designed to represent soccer players.

A hole at the side of the table serves the ball to start the game. Coin tossing is used to decide the first player to serve.

The aim is to move the ball into the opponent’s goal by controlling the cutout figures with a rod attached.

The rules and regulations of table soccer vary by country, but a unified code controls the game at a competitive level.

6. Air Hockey Apps

You can also resort to apps as alternatives to air hockey. Although you may prefer to play games in real life rather than on smart devices, you’ll only know the fun of an air hockey app once you try it out.

Look for the games with the highest ratings on the various online stores and find out if you can transfer your real-life skills to your device’s screen.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is a beautiful sport that has attracted a multitude of fans in the recent past. Something about its competitiveness and intensity draws back players wanting more of it.

If you’ve lost a bit of passion for air hockey or are just looking to try something new, we have you covered. We have identified six alternatives to air hockey that will be good for you. Some are more similar to air hockey than others but all are exhilarating. 

You can apply some knowledge and skills from air hockey to play some of the games listed above. We hope you find this article helpful and please remember to enjoy yourself.

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