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Air Hockey Equipment List for Dynamo air hokcey tables

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You will need a few key pieces of equipment to play air hockey. This air hockey equipment list will help you make sure you have everything you need to get started.

The basics

First, you will need an air hockey table. These can be found at most sporting goods stores or online. Make sure to choose a table that is the right size for your space and your budget.

Next, you will need an air hockey puck. These are usually made of plastic and are available at most sporting goods stores or online.

Finally, you will need two paddles. These can also be found at most sporting goods stores or online. Choose paddles that fit comfortably in your hand and are the right size for your air hockey table.

How to Choose an Air Hockey Paddle?

When choosing an air hockey paddle, you should consider the size of the paddle, the weight of the paddle, and the grip of the paddle. You should also choose a paddle that is comfortable to hold and that fits well in your hand.

The Accessories For Air Hockey

There are a few other items that you may want to consider when setting up your air hockey table. These include:

Table covers: A table cover can help protect your air hockey table from dust and debris.

Puck return: A puck return is a handy accessory that can help keep the game going by returning the puck to you after you score a goal.

Scorekeeper: A scorekeeper can help you keep track of who is winning and losing.

Air Hockey Table Lights: Table lights can help illuminate the playing surface so you can see the puck better.

Why Buy Air Hockey Table With Led Lights?

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Air hockey is a great game for all ages. It is fast-paced and exciting, and it can be played by two or more people. If you are looking for a great way to entertain guests or family members, an air hockey table is a great option.

One of the best features of an air hockey table is the LED lights. These lights create a fun and festive atmosphere and can help you see the puck better.LED lights are also energy-efficient, so you can save money on your electric bill.

Quick Fun fact: The first air hockey table was invented in 1969 by Bob Kenrick.

Ok, Let’s Go On

Are any air hockey table comes with a scoreboard?

Most air hockey tables do not come with a scoreboard. However, some tables have built-in scorekeepers or come with an accessory that can be used to keep track of the score.

Do I need to buy a cover for my air hockey table?

You may want to consider buying a cover for your air hockey table to help protect it from dust and debris. A table cover can also help keep the playing surface clean.

Can I Make Air Hockey Table With Ping Pong Top?


You can make an air hockey table with a ping pong top, but it will not be as smooth or fast as a dedicated air hockey table.

DIY Low-Cost Air Hockey Table

You can make your air hockey table if you are on a budget. You will need a few supplies, including a sheet of plywood, an air hockey puck, and two paddles. You can find these items at most hardware stores or online.

To make your air hockey table, start by cutting the plywood into the shape of an air hockey table. Then, drill holes in the plywood for the puck and the paddles. Finally, attach the puck and paddles to the plywood with screws or nails.

What Size Is My DIY Air Hockey Table Needs To Be?

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An air hockey table typically measures 84 inches long by 48 inches wide. The playing surface is usually about 2 feet off the ground.

What Is The Standard Air Hockey Puck Size?

The standard air hockey puck size is 2.5 inches in diameter.

How To Make Air Hockey Pucks At Home?

You can make your air hockey pucks at home with a few supplies, including a drill, a saw, and some plastic sheets. To make the pucks, start by cutting the plastic sheets into circles. Then, use the saw to make a hole in the center of each circle. Finally, use the drill to make two smaller holes in each puck to attach it to the paddle.

Your DIY air hockey table will not be as smooth or fast as a store-bought table, but it will be much cheaper. And it will still be fun to play!


Equipment Description
Air Hockey Table A special table with a smooth playing surface and slots at each end release air to create a cushion of air to reduce friction between the puck and the table.
Air Hockey Pucks Small, round plastic disks are propelled across the table by the player’s mallets.
Mallets Lightweight, usually plastic, handheld sticks that are used to strike the puck.
Table Wax A silicone-based lubricant is used to keep the playing surface smooth and fast.
Scoreboard A device used to keep track of the score during a game.
Timer A device used to track the time remaining in a game.
Protective Eye Wear Optional but recommended for players to protect their eyes from flying pucks.

Note: There may be additional equipment that can be used in air hockey, such as table covers or replacement parts, but these are the essential items needed to play the game.

What are the different materials in an air hockey board?

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Most air hockey boards are constructed from a slick, smooth material like plastic or acrylic. The smooth surface of the board allows for the puck to glide smoothly and swiftly across the playing field without any obstruction. 

Additionally, these materials help protect the board from any wear and tear over time. Some fancier air hockey tables may also feature electronic scoring systems and powerful air blowers that keep the puck moving quickly on its path to each goal. 

All of these components come together to create an exciting game experience that encourages players of all ages to enjoy it.

In summary, the different materials in an air hockey board include:

– Plastic

– Acrylic

– Electronic scoring systems

– Powerful air blowers

What comes with an air hockey table?

An air hockey table, the staple game of arcades and rec rooms alike, is a must-have for any game enthusiast. But what exactly comes with this exciting addition to your home entertainment? 

First and foremost, you’ll receive the air hockey table itself – a sturdy, smooth-surfaced platform where players can glide their pucks across. Additionally, you’ll likely receive two mallets, two pucks (ideally of different sizes), and a power cord to keep the air blower running smoothly. 

Depending on the model, you may also receive electronic scorekeepers or even additional games, such as ping pong or foosball, built into the table. With all of these features, it’s clear that an air hockey table is a worthwhile investment for anyone hoping to spice up their game room.

What is the purpose of air hockey?

Air hockey is a thrilling game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. This fast-paced game involves hitting a puck across a table using specially designed paddles. 

The main purpose of air hockey is to score points by striking the puck into your opponent’s goal. However, the game is much more than that. It requires quick reflexes, sharp hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. 

Air hockey can be played competitively or just for fun, making it a versatile game suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or simply looking for a fun way to pass the time, air hockey is a game that will surely provide hours of entertainment.

What are the air hockey accessories?

Air hockey is a beloved game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. While the table and pucks are essential components to playing air hockey, there are also several accessories available that can enhance your gameplay experience. 

From scoreboards and replacement pucks to protective covers and LED lights, here are some of the most popular air hockey accessories:

  • Scoreboard– A scoreboard allows you to keep track of points during competitive games. Many models feature digital displays with timers and sound effects for an added level of excitement.
  • Replacement Pucks – Whether they have gone missing or worn down over time, having extra replacement pucks on hand is always a good idea! 
  • Protective Cover – Investing in a protective cover will help ensure that your air hockey table stays in pristine condition when not in use. 
  • LED Lights – Adding LED lights under the table can give it an exciting glow while you’re playing at night! 

Different kinds of air hockey parts

Air hockey is a fun and exciting game that requires the right set of parts to play. From the table itself to the mallets and pucks, each piece plays an important role in creating an enjoyable experience for players. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the different kinds of air hockey parts available on the market today.

  1. Table – The playing surface is typically made from durable materials such as plastic laminate or acrylic, which allows for smooth gliding action when playing with pucks. High-end tables may also feature electronic scoring systems and powerful air blowers for faster gameplay.
  2. Mallets – These come in various shapes and sizes depending on your preference, but all are designed to hit the puck back and forth across the table’s surface with ease during gameplay. 
  3. Puck – This lightweight disc is usually made from durable plastic so it can glide smoothly across any kind of tabletop without causing damage to its surface or slowing down performance while playing with friends or family members alike.
  4. Scoreboard System – For those looking for a more professional gaming experience, electronic scoreboards keep track of points scored during games allowing players to focus

Professional air hockey table

If you’re looking to purchase a professional air hockey table, then there are certain pieces of equipment that must be on your list. The most important piece of equipment is the table itself – it should feature a glossy playing surface with minimal friction and smooth rails for consistent rebounds. Additionally, many tables come with integrated LED lighting systems for an exciting and immersive experience. 

Other pieces of equipment for a professional air hockey table include paddles, pucks, scoring systems, and accessories like sideboards and rail protectors. With these essential items, you’ll be ready to enjoy competitive air hockey with friends or family. Investing in quality products will ensure that your air hockey table lasts longer and can withstand heavy use. 

With the right equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of exciting and challenging air hockey action. You can also find additional accessories to make your air hockey table even more unique and personalized. 

Many retailers offer specialty items like neon-colored pucks, light-up scoring systems, and custom graphics for the playing surface. With these extra touches, you’ll be able to create a truly memorable air hockey experience that stands out from the regular game. 

Whether you’re looking to buy a professional air hockey table or accessorize an existing one, having the right equipment is essential for quality and safety. So make sure to look over your list of must-have items before making any purchases. 

With these essentials in hand, you can gear up and get ready to battle it out on the air hockey table!


Now that you know the basics of air hockey check out our other articles for more tips and tricks on how to play the game. You will be ready to start playing air hockey with these three pieces of equipment. Remember to have fun and enjoy the game!

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