6 Best Portable Air Hockey Tables for Continuous Gaming

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Do you need a portable hockey table to keep the fun on when you can’t reach the one fixed in your gaming room?

As a gaming lover, you should consider some characteristics you want for the tabletop set. Be sure to check the size of pucks and paddles before purchasing the table.

With a portable air hockey table, you can enjoy gaming in your office, at birthday parties, or with your family.

The best part? You can get the fun going in no time; you only need to find a suitable table.

In the review below, we’ve outlined some of the best portable air hockey tables that will make you a gaming expert.

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At a Glance: 6 Best Portable Air Hockey Tables

Best overallInternational Playthings Air Hockey Table
Best for giftingMatty’s Toy Stop Table
Best for beginnersKiditos Fast Sling Wooden Hockey Game
Best mini tables Tabletop Air Hockey Tabel
Best for kidsTabletop Air Hockey Game
Best family funBAKAM Table Hockey Game

1. Best overall: International Playthings Air Hockey Table

You will love every feature of this table, from the fast action pucks that effortlessly glide on an air cushion to its electronic nature.

The plastic used to make the table is solid and makes it easier to leave it with the kids. Its white color is blended with some blue and red colors.

A game using the table moves at a fast pace. It accommodates two players from five years and above to make it enjoyable.

Its electronic airflow enables the puck to hover above the rink, and with ten goals scored, you win the game.

You will find two bridge pieces, six pucks, four paddles, and a sticker sheet in the box. The 2 “C” batteries are not in the pack you need to purchase.

2. Best for Gifting: Matty’s Toy Stop Table

You have every reason to purchase the gaming set from Matty’s Toy Stop for your outdoor activities. It’s the best portable air hockey table that has a different game.

If you love foosball and air hockey, the package covers your needs and comes with both games keeping you and your buddies enjoying every bit.

The green, neon, blue and black colors make it attractive, not to forget the grain wood finishing, making it attractive.

It accommodates two players for each set, making the game fun for the family, and anyone aged six years and above can play.

The two sets come with two pushers and four pucks for the air hockey and four soccer balls for your foosball.

3. Best for Beginners: Kiditos Fast Sling Wooden Hockey Game

Kiditos designed the portable table to work for both adults and kids. Use it at birthday parties, offices, or in your regular gaming.

If you want to advance your knowledge in hockey, it will help in all levels; it has all three levels: beginner, advanced, and pro modes.

The pucks hold up to four players with a passion for gaming and practice intelligence and all the hand-eye coordination for a good win.

Encouraging your kids to play the game will improve their health and reinforce their gaming speeds and motor skills: they will prefer it to other electronic toys.

The wood used to make the tabletop is high quality, originating from New Zealand, and environment friendly. The smooth wood has clear wood grains whose prints are formaldehyde-free. It’s also handcrafted to improve quality and fun while playing.

4. Best Mini Table: Tabletop Air Hockey Tabel

The high-quality table made from composite wood and durable PVC will satisfy your need for a portable air hockey table.

Anyone can play using this table; however, kids need to be three years and above to use the table. Its dimensions are 40 by 21 by 8 inches.

Assembling the table will take you a maximum of 10 minutes; you only need to attach the goals and the four padded legs and start your gaming.

Don’t worry about keeping the score records; the abacus scorers will keep track of all the goals from you and your opponent. The goal boxes will ensure the pucks return safely.

For a steady airflow, the tabletop is powered using a 12V direct current motor which contains a fan for cooling the system.

5. Best for Kids: Tabletop Air Hockey Game

Your kids will love the gaming set by looking at the box, and the best part is what’s seen on the outside reflects what’s inside.

The tabletop gaming set is the best for easy retrieval of the pucks. It’s a fast-paced gaming set.

It comes with natural line marking resembling a hockey field. Strong plastic material is used in its manufacturing.

It’s suitable for netplay giving you and your kids the best gaming experience. It’s easy to assemble, too.

6. Best Family Fun: BAKAM Table Hockey Game

For a strategic venture in the table hockey game, you deserve to have the set from BAKAM.

Playing the game is an easy task: hold the rubber sling with your finger and release it to hit all the hockey balls to your opponent’s side.

The wood used to make is safe and nontoxic. It’s durable with a well-carved smooth surface for easy movement of the pucks.

The pucks are available in two sizes, where the small ones measuring 13.8 by 8.7 inches work perfectly for kids and the bigger ones of 22 by 12 inches for adults.

One unique thing with BAKAM is that they aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and if you feel you got what you didn’t expect, they refund you.

Final Word

The above list will give you an idea of what to settle for when looking for a portable air hockey table. The price on it should match well with your budget. If you intend to purchase a gift for the kids, let it be small and multicolored if possible; for adults, large sizes work perfectly. All the best as you decide on the best choice.

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