6 Best Air Hockey Tables for Adults

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As a young child, hockey was my go-to game whenever I got some free time. Wasn’t I fit? As I grew up, the workload became more and more to the point that I stopped going to the pitch. 

A few days ago, as I was having a lunch break, I started reflecting on my life as a child. The times I played hockey were definitely the best memories. I will definitely find it hard to go to the field at this age but there is always a solution to that. 

After a few minutes of research, I found a solution, air hockey. Here are some of the best air hockey tables for adults like you and I.

Best Air Hockey Tables for Adults

Best overallEastPoint Sports 2-in-1 Air Hockey Table 
Best for outdoor funFranklin Sports Gameroom Table for Kids + Adults
Best multifunctionalityJoola Sport Squad Flux Soccer and Hockey Table
Best for competitionFranklin Sports Gameroom Table Top 
Best portabilityMainstreet Classics 35-Inch Air Hockey Table Top
Best design Haxton Air Hockey Table Top 

1. Best Overall: Eastpoint Sports 2-in-1 Air Hockey Table

Eastpoint Sports air hockey table will serve you right in all matters concerning this game. The 80-inch table is made of plastic and weighs 165.83 pounds. The table’s base is an alloy of steel which makes it quite durable. 

You can convert this table into table tennis or a ping pong table. At this point, we are confident enough to call it a 3 in 1. 

The package comes with two pushers, two pucks,2 table tennis paddles, 2 table tennis balls, two steel chrome plates, one net, and a three-piece table tennis conversion top that is 80 by 43. 

The ability of this table to work for three games is exemplarily cost-effective and why you should consider it.

2. Best for Outdoor Fun: Franklin Sports Gameroom Table for Kids + Adults

Air hockey is good indoors, but why not bring the fun outside? The table weighs 3.02 kgs only, which makes it easily portable. Its size is 25 by 32 by 65 inches, making it fit on almost any surface.  

Besides that, it has a built-in scorekeeper. These scorekeepers add more meaning to the fun because, after all, who does not love some competition? It has plexiglass boards that look pretty authentic. The board is also for scorekeeping. 

It has a large surface that provides a swift-moving game. 

3. Best for Multifunctionality: Joola Sport Squad Flux Soccer and Hockey Table

Are you a fan of air hockey and foosball? This table provides space for both of them! It is made of plastic. The dimensions are 21 by 14 by 2.7 inches. The weight of the table is 3 pounds resulting in its portability. 

If you wonder how it is achievable, the playfield, when reversed, has a different game. For example, if the current one is foosball, you’ll be able to play hockey on reserving the playfield.

Players must use the magnetic handles under the board to control their playing piece on top of the board. The package has two players, two goals, two white 12 sided foosball balls, two black pucks, and two magnetic handles. 

4. Best for Competition: Franklin Sports Gameroom Table Top 

Air hockey is suitable for family fun. We all know how tough it can get when the scores are counted. The chances of a conflict arising are pretty high. 

Franklin Sports hockey table has a built-in score counting mechanism that will undoubtedly make the game fair to everyone. 

The table size is 20 by four by 13 inches, and it has a weight of 0.5 pounds which is 0.23 kg. That is extremely light! With it being air-powered, the puck can keep moving. The blower that is battery operated keeps constant airflow under the puck. 

It is also fun and fast enough to keep you and your family zeroed in on the game for hours! The package comes with two mini pucks and two mini pushers. 

5. Best Portability: Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Air Hockey Table Top

Sometimes, the game becomes boring as a player. But have you ever asked yourself if the game is boring or it is the location that you have monotonously gotten used to?

A portable air hockey table can help kill boredom when playing. Mainstreet air hockey table weighs only 6.3 kgs. It is made of plastic and has a 35 by 20 by 8.25 inches. The table comes with two pushers, two pucks, and two sliding scorers. 

The table is portable and uses up little space in the room. The table suits people who do not like bulky things in their homes. 

A 110V motor with an adapter allows steady airflow when playing, giving smooth hockey action.  

6. Best Design: Haxton Air Hockey Table Top 

To some, the table’s design doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the table works well and performs its functions effectively. Haxton gives the best design for these air hockey tables. 

The table is made of engineering wood, PVC, and composite wood is high-quality and durable. Durable products get an upper hand from buyers. When playing air hockey, some marks may be left on the table’s surface. The non-marking rubber pads on the table’s legs keep the table surface clean and smooth. 

It weighs 13 pounds, and it is 40 by 21 by 8 inches. Assembling the table is not hard and takes up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

It comes with two mini pucks, two mini pushers, an electric fan, and a charging adapter. The electric fan makes the puck glide smooth.    

Final Word

The best air hockey tables vary with factors. While some have exemplarily positive aspects about them all around, others have one explicit feature that can make you change your decision. Depending on your preference, you will have an easier time making that decision with the help of the different aspects discussed. 

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