5 Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids (Fun Galore)

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Having your kid play at home keeps them engaged and helps them bond with others. 

If you’re not sure about what game, to begin with, you can grab the best air hockey table for kids from a trusted online store.

Among the benefits your kid will get is improved hand-eye coordination. He’ll also get to develop perfect body reflexes.

In case you’re wondering how you’ll know which air hockey table is best for your child, worry no more.

We’ve looked at the best air hockey tables for kids, which will ease your purchasing process.

At a Glance: The Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

Best PickTable Top Hockey Game
Best giftKiditos Fast Sling Puck Game Wooden Hockey Game
Best family funMatty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Tabletop NEON Air Hockey
Best safetyTabletop Air Hockey Game Table
Best portabilityMoopok Fast Sling Puck Game, Wooden Hockey Game Sling Puck

1. Best Pick: Irwin Toy Table Top Hockey Game

The Irwin Toy hockey table is among the unique ways to gift your kid for Christmas or birthdays. 

The table can be stored in a playroom if you have a tabletop to hold it. Similarly, you can use the space under your bed and slide the table under.

Table Top Hockey Game is pretty sturdy and easy to assemble, not forgetting its excellent quality.

It is a fast-paced hockey game that gives you all the fun in playing air hockey. 

This table gives you the “behind the netplay” vibe that will keep you feeling like you’re on a hockey field.

Although this game is meant for kids, you can stay engaged while your kid plays and keep them motivated and psyched up as an adult.

I must say this game is full of fun!

2. Best Gift: Kiditos Fast Sling Puck Game Wooden Hockey Game

You can hold a tournament at home, a birthday party, a game night, or even at the office. One thing about this game is you’ll need to use your intelligence, and you’ll surely get a new obsession.

The table game is beneficial when you feel frustrated, anxious, depressed, or bored. It will help you relieve destructive emotions and moods and keep you lively throughout the day.

The game calls for accuracy speed and instills essential motor skills. In other words, you’ll advance your intelligence and boost your hand-eye coordination.

The wooden board is smooth enough, revealing wood grains. In terms of quality, every game is handmade to ensure durability and fun to play.

This game table comes in three modes: the Beginner mode, Advanced mode, and Pro mode, and it has 20 ice hockey pucks that allow four players at a time. 

This table is an ideal solution to bring your morale high on any occasion.

3. Best Family Fun: Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Wooden Mini Tabletop NEON Air Hockey

This air hockey table will leave your kid attached to their opponent since two people can play 


Furthermore, it’s a brilliant way to make their dream come true, especially when they’re game or sports enthusiasts.

This set incorporates 2 Pushers, Foosball, Air Hockey, Soccer Balls, and 4 Pucks. It also comes with the most common table games, namely NEON Accents and Black Wood Grain Finish (Highly Detailed).

The Air Hockey needs 3 AA batteries not included in the set.

Even better, you can join your kids as they play since this game is meant for people aged six and above.

It also accommodates two players every game, which means double fun.

4. Best Safety: Tabletop Air Hockey Game Table

The Tabletop Air Hockey table is powered by a DC-12V motor which ensures the airflow is quiet, powerful, and even. This feature ensures a frictionless and smooth surface, making the game realistic and fun.

This set comes with everything you’d ask for in a challenging game; these include two mini pushers, two scoreboard options, and two mini pucks.

You can play at pub crawls, parties, tailgates, and family game nights with this table. It is also exciting and safe for both children and adults.

The table has sturdy legs and rubber pads that guard all table surfaces in terms of quality.

The 40-inch design of the Top Air Hockey table is convenient enough that you can tuck it away in any space. You can also change any table space to a playing space.

5. Best Portability: Moopok Fast Sling Puck Game, Wooden Hockey Game Sling Puck

Moopok Fast Sling Puck Game is excellent and the top choice to play games at home. This game brings about flexibility, responsiveness, and speed.

So, what’s in the package? Here you go – one competitive table, ten chess pieces, two spring ropes, and one package box.

Besides, it’s made of a smooth wooden frame for easy gliding while playing. 

A fascinating aspect of this air hockey table is that it’s highly portable when traveling and will not take much space.

The air hockey table is also durable and environmentally friendly.

Plus, you do not require any battery, yet you get to enjoy the endless play. 

The game’s rules are easy to understand. It also allows two players and is open for everyone, from kids to adults.

Therefore, it fits family game nights, house warming parties, and other events.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, many categories of air hockey tables for kids are available online. Almost all the air hockey tables that we’ve tackled in this review are great when it comes to quality, appearance, and how long it will last in your home.

During your hunt for an air hockey table, it’s essential to know the purpose that it’s going to serve.

If your kid is going to use it for casual entertainment, it needs to be small-sized, which you’ll buy at a moderate price. Besides, it will be easy for you to maintain.

On the other hand, if they intend to play with a group of their friends, then it will be best to purchase a large-sized table.

Be quick and grab that air hockey table for your son or daughter. They deserve the BEST!

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